Report Card: Dayton Flyers

The Dayton Flyers had a fairly solid season this past year. Midway through the season UD basketball achieved a ranking as low as 13th in the nation. However, Dayton basketball also went on a dry spell nearing the NCAA tournament in March. The following writings show how I personally feel about last season for the starting five and head coach Archie Miller in terms of a grade report.


Archie Miller

Archie Miller guided this team through a winning season with a 25-8 record with big wins over teams like Iowa and Arkansas. Coach Miller did an incredible job with the Flyers this year; however, towards the end of the season there were some tough loses to Rhode Island and St. Bonaventure. Overall, the 2015-2016 season a great season for Archie Miller.

Grade: A-


Darrell Davis

Darrell Davis had a decent season overall but couldn’t quite fine the mark with his three point shooting. This last season Davis shot 29% from behind the ark with 110 attempts which, consequently, knocked him a letter grade down to a B.

Grade: B


Steve McElvene

Steve McElvene played as a solid center offensively and defensively during the regular season averaging 6.1 points per game with an impressive total of 55 blocks. However, during the Flyers only game in March Madness, the defense collapsed frequently leaving Syracuse with backdoor plays on multiple occasions with no one to be found in the post. With McElvene’s defensive record, his presence in the post could’ve made it a much closer game. RIP Big Steve

Grade: B-


Charles Cooke

Charles Cooke contributed most to time points by a landslide averaging 15.6 points per game. Cooke had an amazing season overall including a three-point percentage of 40%. However, Cooke’s free-throw percentage was as low as 68% with 167 attempts. With a 40% three-point percentage the free-throw percentage should probably be a little higher.

Grade: B+


Dashawn Pierre

Everything about Pierre’s season was solid and respectable including an average of 12 points per game, 8.5 rebounds per game, and an 85% free-throw percentage. The 2015-2016 season was all around a great season for Pierre.

Grade: A


Scoochie Smith

Schoochie Smith had a decent season with an average of 4.3 assist per game and 11.7 points per game. However, Smith’s only downside was his free-throw percentage of 67% with 141 attempts. Other than free throws, Smith had a very respectable season.

Grade: A-


In the end, the Dayton Flyers had a very successful season. Besides free throws, the Flyers had great stats looking back on last year. Dayton has three returning starters on the roster, which gives great hope and potential looking ahead at this coming season.


Go Flyers!


Will Cammack

Dayton ‘20


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