March Preview: Louisville Cardinals

Louisville has come on really strong since the calendar flipped to 2017. They are a very well rounded and well coached team that will be a very tough out in March. With the Cardinals on my short list of Final 4 contenders, here are their strengths and weaknesses.

Strength: Frontcourt Depth

Louisville has one of the best defenses in the country…but they are probably the only team that has 4 skilled big men playing more than 15 mins a game. If you have listened to our podcast you would know how much I love Anas Mahmoud’s game but he is just one piece to that frontcourt. Louisville wears teams out by having fresh bigs during crunch time. The other strength for Louisville is their defense. They have athletic guards and big shot blockers that combine to form a wall to the rim. 


Weakness: Shooting

Louisville’s offense is very good because they do not turn the ball over and they get offensive rebounds. The Cardinals are not a very strong shooting team and can be prone to cold spells that stall the offense. Donovan Mitchell is the key to their shooting woes. If Mitchell is making shots then his shooting percentage will go up and everyone else on the court will have more open looks as well. Mitchell struggled shooting the ball early in the season, but caught fire against the Indiana Hoosiers on New Year’s Eve and hasn’t looked back since. 


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