March Preview: Virginia Tech Hokies

If you listen to the CPP Sunday Podcast (if you don’t listen then you should) you would know that I am very high on Buzz Williams and the Virginia Tech program as a whole. This year’s team is dangerous in the tournament solely due to their shooting. If you can make shots, you can win games. It is tough to predict how VT will shoot once they get to a new arena with new rims for the tourney but nothing this year leads us to believe this will effect their shooting. Combine the shooting with Buzz Williams’s late game coaching abilities and the Hokies are a very tough out this year.


Strength: Shooting

I have watched a number of VT games this year and nothing immediately came to mind for a strength, but after a quick look at their stats it was clearly their shooting. The Hokies rank in the top 30 in effective field goal percentage, three point percentage, and two point percentage. The game of basketball can be very easy when you can make shots and the Hokies are very well rounded being able to make shots from anywhere on the court. There is no defense for good shooting and VT has showed that in their resume building wins this year.



Weakness: Frontcourt Defense

Zach Leday is a very talented player on the offensive side of the ball but at 6’7” he is very limited on the defensive end. Teams can get away with a small ball lineup like Virginia Tech runs but a bigger team could take advantage of LeDay and Chris Clarke in the tournament. Khadim Sy has the size to matchup with bigger players but he only plays 10-12 minutes a game and is a freshman.



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