No Shining Moment for Louisville Basketball Team

The day that all Louisville fans have all been dreading has finally come, and it could not of happened at a worst time. We just beat the #2 team in the country, we were one game out of first place in the ACC, and we were a lock for the NCAA tournament. Now at 1:30pm today, the hearts of all UofL fans broke when University of Louisville President James Ramsey announced that the University will be self-imposing a postseason ban. After months of speculation about the prostitution scandal we can finally see that we clearly did something wrong and the President felt liked we needed to take action right now. And in my honest opinion I believe he made the wrong decision.

Why was this the wrong decision? Well, first off this not only punishes the basketball program, it punishes the fans, all the players who had nothing to do with the scandal, and of course it punishes the two graduate transfers that will now never get a chance to play in the NCAA Tournament. That is something that was morally wrong to do to two people that have done everything right their entire career, and now all their hopes about that one shining moment in the NCAA Tournament are gone forever.

The two graduate transfers Damion Lee and Trey Lewis decided to speak about the ban and they sounded heartbroken. These two did not deserve this, and you have got to feel for the young men. With the entire team standing behind them, this basketball team showed that they truly had each others backs and that they will make it through this tragedy and in my opinion injustice. Even though we may deserve it, it is still an injustice to the players, and I don’t think anybody would disagree with that.

This is not the first time a team will be imposing a postseason ban midway through the season. Syracuse did this last year, but the biggest difference is that this year Louisville was going to make the tournament, and they were a legitimate contender. What makes it more difficult is that it was so late in the season and every person on campus believed that we were going to the NCAA tournament and everybody thought we were going to do well. Everybody loved this team and it is unbelievable that this happened at this point in the season. It could have waited until next year, and if that would of happened, I feel like people would be more accepting of the decision.

I don’t know what will happen from here. Pitino might be gone after the season,—I really hope not—Louisville might get hit with major sanctions by the NCAA, the program might take five years to recover. All of this might happen, but one thing I think for sure will happen is the President James Ramsey is gone after this. The sex scandal is not the only thing that has recently happened on the campus, and the very little support he had at the University should all be gone. One thing that is certain is this is going to be a tough March Madness for the Cardinal Faithful, but we will be back and as always… L1C4!

Bryan Cockroft

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