CPP Top 100: #5 Bonzie Colson

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Bonzie Colson

Notre Dame

F 6’5


2016-2017 Stats: 17.8 ppg, 10.1 rpg, 1.4 bpg

Why They Are Here

Standing at 6’5, Colson was one of the best rebounders in the ACC and a dominant forward that had a case for ACC Player of the Year. As crazy as that sounds for his size, the rising senior is an undersized yet over-skilled big man who can work the post with the best of them, with excellent footwork and a soft touch. Despite his lack of size, he’s got a 7-foot wingspan that helps against larger opponents as well. Colson is one of the most fun players to watch because of his creativity down low. He’s not a physical specimen, but he leaves you wondering how he just out-rebounded two 6’10 dudes for an offensive board.

Role on This Year’s Team

Like last year, Colson will be the centerpiece in what should be another good offensive team for Mike Brey. This year, however, Colson will shoulder much of the load, likely carrying the team with guard Matt Farrell. Notre Dame’s second-most experienced forward averaged only 3.1 ppg and 3.4 rpg, so Colson will be doing yeoman’s work inside. Colson will also be a front-runner for ACC POY going into the season, as opposed to last year when he launched himself into the conversation. Colson will also likely get some love for preseason All-American teams and Player of the Year awards. To justify the hype, he’ll have to surpass last year’s success.

College Season/NBA Prospects

Colzon’s NBA potential is a tough nut to crack. Obviously, the highlights to his game are his post moves and rebounding abilities, but he’s not limited to just the role of, essentially, a center. He has a little bit of perimeter game and is more than capable of taking the ball off the dribble. To be really successful, he’ll have to have a bit more dependable perimeter game, and by that I mostly mean utilizing it more consistently, because the talent is there. The snag with Colson is his size. What position does he play at the next level? Small forward is the obvious choice, but with a college career made mostly in the post, it’s tough to see him transitioning to the league without a huge adjustment in style of play.


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Connor Lagore
Maryland born, Milwaukee raised. Currently a sophomore at the University of Missouri and a 2016 NBA Draft entrant. Old enough to remember Perry Ellis's freshman year. For hot takes and more, follow my twitter @clagore34.