Report Card: Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame basketball team has a successful season this past year. After achieving the elite eight in 2014-2015, the expectations were lower this season. Despite this, Notre Dame reached the elite eight again this past year and has a promising future to come. This article will grade all members of the basketball team this past year.


Mike Brey:

Mike Brey led the team to the elite eight this year by adjusting his gameplan throughout the season according to the opponent. Since the roster was less talented, Brey had to adjust in order for the team to be successful. This resulted in an elite eight appearance and big wins over Duke, North Carolina, and others.

Grade: A+


Demetrius Jackson:

Demetrius Jackson was Notre Dame’s saving grace this season. He tied the whole team together while also being the leading scorer. With a team high 4.7 assists per game, the offense ran much better with him in the game. This was extremely apparent when D.J. was injured and the team lost to Georgia Tech and others at the end of the season.

Grade: A+


Zach Auguste:

After shining in the ACC and NCAA Tournaments in 2014-2015, expectations were high. Auguste was expected to be the main scoring option for Notre Dame this year. While having an overall good season averaging a double-double with 14 points per game and 10.7 rebounds per game, Auguste fell in the background and did not meet the All-ACC expectations set.

Grade: B+


V.J. Beachem:

V.J. Beachem ended up being one of the pleasant surprises of the season. As the season progressed, V.J. emerged as an offensive threat at all areas of the court. With this emergence, V.J. has high expectations on him this coming year.

Grade: A


Steve Vasturia:

Steve Vasturia was expected to fill the role of Pat Connaughton this season. He fulfilled this role as a guard with defensive capabilities, but never became the scorer that Connaughton was.

Grade: B-


Bonzie Coulson:

As an athletic forward with size to his advantage in most matchups, Coulson fulfilled his role on the team well. He shot the 3-point shot well enough while being able to get rebounds and post up on defenders very well.

Grade: B+




Nico Robalin

Notre Dame ’20

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