Blind Resumes Week 10: Focus on the ACC Bubble teams

Blind Resumes Week 10: ACC Bubble Teams

by: Jonathon Warriner

Each week until Selection Sunday, I will pick 4 teams with a similar seed and compare their RPI, Strength of Schedule, record, Record against the Top-25, Record against Top-50 and the number of bad losses each team has (RPI 100+). Please look at the examples of teams before scrolling down and reading who they are.

Team 1: RPI: 37, SOS: 16, Record: 15-12, Record vs. Top-25: 0-8, Record vs. Top-50: 1-9, Bad Losses: 0

Team 2: RPI: 56, SOS: 6, Record: 15-12, Record vs. Top-25: 3-6, Record vs. Top-50: 3-8, Bad Losses: 2

Team 3: RPI: 77, SOS: 61, Record: 16-12, Record vs. Top-25: 2-4, Record vs. Top-50: 5-6 Bad Losses: 3

Team 4: RPI: 79, SOS: 53, Record: 15-11, Record vs. Top-25: 3-3, Record vs. Top-50: 4-6, Bad Losses: 1

Who are the teams?

Team 1: Wake Forest

Team 2: Pittsburgh

Team 3: Syracuse

Team 4: Georgia Tech

This week I decided to pick the four ACC teams on the bubble. After looking at what the tournament committee valued most (Top-50 wins), I had to change the way I picked teams with my Bracketology. This shows that Syracuse has the most of those victories with 5, and Georgia Tech in second in that category with four victories. With the head to head victory by Georgia Tech over Syracuse they were put ahead of Syracuse. Pittsburgh is next among ACC bubble teams because they have three top-50 victories along with a great Strength of Schedule. Wake Forest is last amongst these four teams because of their lack of any top-25 wins and only one top-50 win. This type of record will very likely cost Wake Forest a chance at an at-large bid.

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