Blind Resumes week 11: Does Gonzaga still deserve to be a one seed?

Blind Resumes Week 11: Does Gonzaga still deserve to be a one seed?

by: Jonathon Warriner

Each week until Selection Sunday, I will pick 4 teams with a similar seed and compare their RPI, Strength of Schedule, record, Record against the Top-25, Record against Top-50 and the number of bad losses each team has (RPI 100+). Please look at the examples of teams before scrolling down and reading who they are.

Team 1: RPI: 12, SOS: 102, Record: 29-1, Record vs. Top-25: 4-0, Record vs. Top-50: 5-0, Bad Losses: 0

Team 2: RPI: 3, SOS: 22, Record: 24-5, Record vs. Top-25: 4-2, Record vs. Top-50: 9-3, Bad Losses: 0

Team 3: RPI: 6, SOS: 33, Record: 25-4, Record vs. Top-25: 2-2, Record vs. Top-50: 4-2, Bad Losses: 1

Team 4: RPI: 15, SOS: 116, Record: 26-3, Record vs. Top-25: 3-2, Record vs. Top-50: 5-3, Bad Losses: 0

Who are the teams?

Team 1: Gonzaga

Team 2: North Carolina

Team 3: Oregon

Team 4: UCLA

Last night Gonzaga took their first loss of the entire season, losing against BYU 79-71. That loss left many people hating on Gonzaga and left others saying that they are undeserving of a one seed. For those left saying that Gonzaga shouldn’t be a number one seed the resume clearly speaks for itself. North Carolina is a little bit of a side note to show how their resume stacks up against one of the three best teams in the country right now. I heard people saying on Twitter that this opens the door for Oregon to be a one seed. This is wrong in many regards, especially for the fact that Gonzaga has more RPI Top-50 wins than Ducks do, and for those saying that BYU is such a bad loss, the Ducks lost to Colorado a team with a lower RPI. Plain and simply those considering Oregon as a one seed over Gonzaga need to look at the numbers first. I also heard people talking about UCLA as a possible one seed because they have road wins at Kentucky and Arizona. While these wins are impressive UCLA actually has a worse Strength of Schedule, a worse record, topped off with a worse RPI. Yes these road wins may be impressive, but it is not enough to make them a one seed over Gonzaga.

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