Why My Team Didn’t Win the Championship: Louisville Cardinals

Why did Louisville not win the national championship? Well, this is a pretty easy question to answer. It is hard to win the national championship if you don’t have the chance to play in the tournament. Due to Louisville’s self-imposed postseason ban for the 2015-2016 season we were not able to compete in any aspects of March Madness. Not the ACC Tournament, the NCAA tournament, and of course without the chance to play in the NCAA Tournament we didn’t have a chance to compete for a National Championship.

Louisville had the talent to win a championship, the experience needed, and of course the Hall of Fame Coach that has done it two times before in Rick Pitino. The only thing we didn’t have was a chance. With the wide open field in this years tournament, Louisville had as good of chance as any of winning it all this year. The teams tough defense and potentially deadly offense could of gave Louisville its fourth national championship and second in four years. But we will now never know what could of happened since the entire community was blindsided by the decision Louisville President James Ramsey made to take this well deserving teams chance to win a championship away. It was a tough on all of us, but no more then the two graduate seniors Trey Lewis and Damion Lee. They were looking forward to one chance to play in the tournament, but their dreams were taken away on a terrible Friday afternoon in early February. Just a few days after beating North Carolina in an exciting Monday night game the Louisville faithful were hit with the devastating news that ruined the usually great month of March. It was tough, sad, and aggravating, and now we will never know what this team could of actually done.


There are many people we can blame for this postseason ban. We could blame the self-proclaimed “Escort Queen” Katina Powell who wrote the book Breaking Cardinal Rules which started the scandal. We could blame Andre McGee, the former assistant who hired Katina Powell. Or we can blame the current President of the University of Louisville James Ramsey who made the final call on the in my opinion premature decision to issue the postseason ban. I choose to blame President Ramsey for us not winning the national championship. There would of been no guarantee that we would of won, but as I said before, you can’t win if you don’t have the chance to play. Now, hopefully since we had to endure the tragedy of the postseason ban this year, the NCAA will go easy on us on the punishment they will be handing down. As long as the University of Louisville has the chance to play in the NCAA Tournament next year , we will have just as good if not better chance of winning the championship next year, because the team we have coming back iss going to be better then last year, and that is something every team in the ACC and the rest of the country is going to have to look out for.

Bryan Cockroft

University of Louisville


Photo Source: cardchronicle.com

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