CPP Top 100: #52 Markis McDuffie

Markis McDuffie

Wichita State

6’8 F

2016-2017 Stats: 11.5 Ppg, 5.7 Rpg.

Why they are here

When you think of the kind of players that have helped Wichita State rise to national prominence over the last couple of years, Markis McDuffie fits the mold to a tee.

Under-recruited coming out of high school playing for the legendary Bobby Hurley at St. Anthony’s in New Jersey, McDuffie has gone from a lanky, spot up shooter to an all-around threat and one of the better players in all of college basketball heading into his junior year.

The shooting ability is still there for McDuffie, but he now has the ability to take people off the dribble to create opportunites for himself closer to the basket and has even developed a bit of a low-post game, even though he rarely uses it.

McDuffie has also evolved into a solid defensive presence who is more than just a defender with long arms, which he was coming into Wichita State as a freshman. He has even improved as a rebounder, averaging almost six per game.

Role on this year’s team

Everyone on Wichita State’s roster knows their role, and McDuffie is no different. He’s not a true star, but he might be the closest thing the Shockers have to one and McDuffie has embraced that role.

McDuffie led the Shockers in scoring last season and could very well do the same again, but it is not a neccesity. Landry Shamet is a rising star who will most likely lead the Shockers in scoring this season, but again it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

As long as McDuffie maintains his averages from a year ago, he will continue to be one of the better players in college basketball. If he manages to improve upon his numbers from a year ago, we could be witnessing a star in the making.

College Season/ NBA Prospects

Unless McDuffie completely blows up this season, he seems like a sure-fire four year collegiate player.

While some of this goes into certain aspects of McDuffie’s game not being fully developed for the NBA yet, a lot of it has to do with the emphasis that McDuffie has put into getting a degree, which goes back to his days playing at St. Anthony’s.

There’s a strong chance that McDuffie will be able to carve out a niche in the NBA once he arrives, but expect two more years of McDuffie in the college ranks.