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Gooooood day, ladies and gents! Welcome to March Madness, everybody!  Conference tournament season is officially underway.  This is such a special time of the sports year, but it can also be very overwhelming. Worry no more, college basketball fans!  Welcome to THE place to be for Champ Week coverage.  Here, you can

Noah Holley Bracketology: February 27, 2017

Get.  Hyped. In case you were unaware, ladies and gents, today marks the official start of March Madness.  Pretty awesome, right?   Tonight, the first conference tournament will get underway in the Atlantic Sun Championship.  I'm sure I can speak for other bracketologists as well when I say that the period

Noah Holley Bracketology: February 22, 2017

  Past updates: January 11 January 19 January 23 January 30 February 6 February 14 EAST Sites: Buffalo, Orlando, Orlando, Salt Lake City 1 Villanova vs 16 Mount St Mary's/New Orleans 8 Virginia Tech vs 9 Northwestern 5 Wisconsin vs 12 Texas-Arlington 4 Florida State vs 13 Belmont 6 Virginia vs 11 Michigan State 3 Florida vs 14 UNC-Asheville 7

Noah Holley Bracketology: February 14th, 2017

Based on games played through February 13th. Past projections: January 11 January 19 January 23 January 30 February 7 EAST Sites: Buffalo, Greenville, Orlando, Salt Lake City 1 Villanova vs 16 NC Central/Mount St. Mary's 8 Virginia Tech vs 9 Oklahoma State 5 Purdue vs 12 UNC-Wilmington 4 Duke vs 13 Texas-Arlington 6 Notre Dame vs 11 Michigan

Noah Holley Bracketology: February 6th, 2017

Past editions: January 11 January 19 January 23 January 30 (*denotes automatic bid) EAST Sites: Buffalo, Milwaukee, Salt Lake City, Orlando 1 Villanova* vs 16 NC Central*/Mount St. Mary's* 8 Virginia Tech vs 9 Iowa State 5 Wisconsin* vs 12 Akron* 4 West Virginia vs 13 Belmont* 6 South Carolina vs 11 Indiana/Texas Tech 3 Arizona vs 14 Arkansas

Noah Holley Bracketology: January 30, 2017

Past updates: January 11 January 19 January 23 (* denotes automatic bid) EAST (Sites: Buffalo, Milwaukee, Greenville, Orlando) 1 Villanova* vs 16 Morgan State*/LIU Brooklyn* 8 Dayton* vs 9 Texas Tech 5 Maryland* vs 12 Wichita State/Iowa State 4 Cincinnati* vs 13 Akron* 6 Purdue vs 11 UNC-Wilmington* 3 Virginia vs 14 Florida Gulf Coast* 7 Saint Mary's vs 10

Noah Holley Bracketology: January 23, 2017

  Past updates: January 11 January 19 EAST (Sites: Buffalo, Orlando, Milwaukee, Greenville) 1 Villanova vs 16 NC Central/Fairleigh Dickinson 8 Virginia Tech vs 9 TCU 5 Wisconsin vs 12 Nevada 4 Louisville vs 13 Valparaiso 6 Maryland vs 11 UNC-Wilmington 3 Creighton vs 14 Belmont 7 SMU vs 10 Texas Tech 2 Kentucky vs 15 Princeton SOUTH (Sites: Tulsa, Indianapolis, Greenville, Sacramento) 1

Noah Holley Bracketology: January 19, 2017

Past updates: January 11 (Key: ↑-moved up, ↓-moved down, italics-new team to bracket, *-automatic bid) EAST Buffalo 1 Villanova* vs 16 LIU Brooklyn*/Texas Southern* 8 TCU vs 9 Clemson↓ Indianapolis 5 Maryland↑ vs 12 Akron↑* 4 Notre Dame vs 13 Valparaiso* Greenville 6 Purdue↓ vs 11 Illinois State* 3 North Carolina↑ vs 14 UNC Greensboro* Buffalo 7 Xavier↓ vs 10 Arkansas 2 Kentucky* vs 15 Maryland-Baltimore County* SOUTH Orlando 1

Recruiting: 5-star Diallo chooses Kentucky

5-star shooting guard Hamidou Diallo announced his commitment to Kentucky yesterday.  He is ranked no. 11 in the ESPN 100. Diallo attends Putnam Science Academy in Connecticut. Diallo will immediately enroll at Kentucky, but is not expected to play until next season.  There is little room for him in Kentucky's loaded backcourt. Diallo

And Then There Were Three

And then there were three. 2016 seemed bent on going out destroying as many unbeaten seasons as possible, cutting the list in half.  With the previous calendar year behind us, we're left with Baylor, Gonzaga, and Villanova. If the past week was any indication, it's not easy to be undefeated.  Heck, if

Noah Holley Bracketology: Best Resume In Each Power 6 Conference

As the 2016-17 season turns to conference play, let's have a look at the top NCAA Tournament resumes in each conference up to this point:   ACC: Louisville (11-2) Best win: vs Kentucky Worst loss: None Non-Conference SOS: 14 RPI: 11 vs. RPI 1-25: 1-0 vs. RPI 100-351: 7-0 As of now, Louisville