Thank You, Kevin Ollie. But That’s Enough.

On Thursday afternoon, the 2017-18 season for the UConn Huskies ended not with a bang, but a sad, sad whimper. The Huskies trailed by nineteen at the half against an SMU team missing its best player and multiple key reserves due to injury. A half-hearted second half rally at one

The Tip of the Iceberg

All throughout this season, there has been a black cloud hanging over college basketball, an assailant hiding in the shadows waiting to strike. At times, such as when St. John’s beat Duke and Villanova back-to-back, or during Trae Young’s ascension, we were almost able to forget about the impending doom.

College Pride Press Top 25 – Week 15

Note: This article only takes into account games through last Sunday. It was initially set to post Monday morning before our unanticipated maintenance break postponed its release. As you can see, several of our top teams have already taken losses since Monday. This will be reflected in our Week 16

Analyzing the UConn Investigation

  Late Thursday night, on the heels of their best win this season, news broke via Jeff Jacobs of Hearst Connecticut Media that the UConn Huskies men’s basketball team was under investigation by the NCAA for potential recruiting violations. This striking news puts even more damper on what has already been

College Pride Press Top 25 – Week Twelve

Another week of college basketball, another slew of salacious upsets. It feels kind of numb at this point, as these results have become expected. Even still, there were some shocking results, such as Wichita State losing at home to SMU and Texas Tech getting blasted by Iowa State. And those

College Pride Press Top 25 – Week Eleven

Well, were you expecting anything different? The level of parity in college basketball is RIDICULOUS. Not only are ranked teams falling when they have to hit the road (West Virginia, Miami, and many others), but they’re also being defeated at home (Michigan State, Arizona State, and more!). Twelve of our

College Pride Press Top 25 – Week Ten

Words don’t exist to properly describe the ridiculousness that gripped college basketball over the past seven days. Over half of our prior poll lost, many of them twice. Seven of our top ten teams from last week’s poll took an L and a predictable tumble. Among those to lose, shockingly,

College Pride Press Top 25 – Week Nine

  A Happy New Year to all of those in the college basketball universe! Here at College Pride Press, we value the holidays and the joys they bring. That’s why the poll is coming out today instead of yesterday. Regardless, it’s clear that conference play has already brought chaos to the

College Pride Press Top 25 – Week Eight

Hopefully the holiday season has brought you as much excitement as it brought for college basketball fans! Here at College Pride Press, we're firm believers in having a good time and being with family. It's why we've waited until today for the release of our poll.   This past week usually is

College Pride Press Top 25 – Week Seven

  Well, so much for last week being slow. A multitude of ranked teams fell on Saturday, creating hysteria for our voters. It seems that after finals, some of our ranked teams came out flat. Several of these games ended in dramatic fashion, such as Indiana’s upset win over Notre Dame

College Pride Press Top 25 – Week Six

Bedlam. That was last week. Five of our top ten teams lost. Some in games you wouldn’t predict in a million years. It’s clear that Christmas came early for college basketball fans, as chaos dominated. We had Florida get trounced by their rival then inexplicably lose to a mid-major. Kansas

College Pride Press Top 25 – Week Five

Oftentimes, the couple weeks following Thanksgiving can be a slow period in college basketball. The high competition of the early-season tournaments can have some teams looking for reprieve in smaller opponents. Finals are coming up, too, which means teams will usually go at least a week without contesting a game.

College Pride Press Top 25 – Week Four

  Early season tournaments always seem to bring the same fire as March Madness. This year was no different. From Portland to Nassau, top-caliber teams tested themselves, trying to gauge where they are now, and what they have to improve over the next couple months. The two brackets of the PK80

College Pride Press Top 25 – Week Three

  Last week, the college basketball year truly began, thanks to the Champions’ Classic. Those two battles brought us high-level competition just days into the season. In addition, a couple other ranked teams also saw themselves get beat, or nearly. This includes Northwestern and USC, one of which clung to a