CPP 100: #61 Jaylen Fisher

Leading up to the season we are doing a countdown of the Top 100 players in college basketball. These rankings are based on a poll made up of 14 CPP writers. These writers span from UCLA to Seton Hall so there is very little bias. Each day we will release the latest player on our ranking with a small write-up. Be sure to check out the rest of the Top 100 articles!


# 61 Jaylen Fisher


PG 6’3


2016-2017 Stats (Freshman): 9 Points, 4 Assists


Why They Are Here

Many college basketball fans do not know who Jaylen Fisher is. Well this year he will become a household name in the Big-12. Fisher is a pure point guard who has an incredible feel for the game. When Jamie Dixon needed talent for his rebuilding Texas Christian program he called on Fisher (who decommitted from UNLV) to be the first piece of the puzzle. Fisher can do a little of everything. His numbers aren’t eye popping but he controls the game and helped TCU to their best season in recent history. Fisher shot 38% from deep which gives us a good vibe for his leap into his sophomore season.


Role on the Team

Jaylen Fisher was recruited to be the lead dog on the ball for the entirety of his college career. He will have the ball in his hands at all times controlling the pace, touches, and offense for the Horned Frogs. TCU will need him to step up his scoring and efficiency inside the arc (40% FG) to help that offense reach new heights. 



College Season/NBA Prospects

Fisher is an extremely underrated player nationally. His measurables and skillset are very similar to Melo Trimble. He is a better passer than Trimble is. With a big sophomore campaign, Fisher can catapult himself into a late first round grade. I see Fisher leaving after his junior or senior year and being an early second round pick.


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