Recap: Oklahoma Beats Baylor in Tough Big 12 Game

#13 Baylor falls to #1 Oklahoma

Seventeen percent matters. It matters on college campuses everywhere, and it especially mattered for the Baylor Bears this afternoon. Seventeen percent separated the shooting percentages of Baylor and Oklahoma in this game, and it is very difficult to beat a team that is shooting at 62%. Oklahoma was also on fire from 3 and shot 57% from beyond the arc. They also had 29 assists. This is to say Oklahoma played an outstanding game.

For Baylor on the other hand, six out of the nine Bears who played scored at or below their season average. The shooting percentage was average. When you’re playing a team that is shooting 62%, you either have to play better defense or shoot better, and Baylor was not able to do either. However, there were bright spots in the game, as Baylor was able to stick around with Oklahoma until about 15 minutes left in the game. but they simply could not keep up with the intense pace that Oklahoma was setting. As a fan being there, it felt as if every time we got even the slightest bit of momentum, like when we were tied with 17:43 to go in the second half, Oklahoma would score a three or go on a run, and it would all be gone.

Baylor was led in scoring by Taurean Prince and Johnathan Motley, who both scored 15 points. Motley had a terrific game outscoring his season average by four points, but it wasn’t enough to lift the Bears. Overall, this was a big stage for the Bears; to play the #1 team on their home court, and instead of taking advantage of the spotlight, they played an average game, that would never have allowed them to beat Oklahoma.

This loss should show fans that Baylor could stick around with more elite teams if they play to their full potential. However it is disappointing to me that on such a big stage, with a chance to make a statement, Baylor played an average, if not below average game.

Baylor goes on to play at Oklahoma State on Wednesday, January 27th, while Oklahoma plays versus Texas Tech on Tuesday, January 26th.

Sic ‘Em!

Catherine Cleworth

Baylor University


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