Texas Gets the Best of Baylor

Rico Gathers is a beast. He threw down a huge game tonight against a Texas team that didn’t see him coming. Rico had 20 points, and made six of six free throws. That’s a huge deal for a player that shoots 63% from the line. Rico and Taurean Prince were the bright spots in a Baylor team that was otherwise lacking luster. Rico was insanely pumped, especially during the second half. He was also playing angry which led him to fouling out with 1:27 left in the game. However, energy erupted from the crowd of 6,000 people.
Fouls were a big deal for Baylor. Both Rico Gathers and Johnathan Motley fouled out in the second half and Ish Wainwright and Al Freeman were both close to fouling out. Many of the fouls called seemed to be questionable, especially on Baylor’s team, but I am slightly biased. Baylor had four more fouls than Texas and many of the Texas calls seemed obvious.
The three scorers that scored above their average points per game (Rico Gathers, Taurean Prince, and Lester Medford) shot 48%, while the rest of the team shot a lousy 17%. Notably absent was Al Freeman, who has been nothing if not inconsistent this season. He started off strong this season with a few games at or above 20 points, and double digits in his first five games. However, he scored two points in this game–two points for someone who is averaging 12 points a game. I said before the game that Al Freeman needed to show up to this game and he didn’t. I believe this was one of the reasons the Bears lost.
The eight point difference that the game ended with did not show that the second half was a close game and could have gone either way; Baylor simply could not shoot the ball effectively and consistently. Overall, the game was disappointing; it wasn’t disappointing because the Bears didn’t come to play– some of them did and played an amazing game,–but their supporting cast was not enough to help them come out on top.
Texas’ next game is Saturday February 6th vs. Texas Tech.
Baylor’s next game is also Saturday February 6th at West Virginia.

Sic ’em.

Catherine Cleworth

Baylor University

Photo: nfl.com

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