The Curious Case of Cheick Diallo [Update]

Murmurs grow louder in Allen Fieldhouse as opening night approaches and Cheick Diallo is still not eligible to play for the University of Kansas. The NCAA has not cleared him for college play yet, and recently, Jayhawk fans were given another reason to worry about the fate of Diallo.

Kobie Eubanks, Diallo’s high school teammate, was ruled ineligible by the NCAA and lost his scholarship to University of Alabama. Eubanks now will have to get credit hours at a junior college before he can get a scholarship to play for a four-year university. Eubanks and Diallo both attended Our Savior New American School (OSNA). OSNA has had issues in the past with four-year universities not accepting certain class credits that their school offers. Athletes who attend this school often have trouble being eligible for an athletic scholarship, and many of those players are unaware that their credits may not be sufficient for the school they planned to attend. If ultimately Diallo is ruled ineligible this could be a huge blow for the Jayhawks. This will be the second year in a row that one of Kansas’ top recruits were ruled ineligible. There is still much hope for Diallo, however, because unlike Eubanks and other OSNA alumni who were ruled ineligible, Diallo spent this summer taking classes for more credit hours. Still the NCAA is causing a lot of stress towards fans of 6’9” five-star forward. A Kansas team with the addition of a player with his athleticism and ceiling is a very scary team to face in the NCAA tournament. All Jayhawk fans can do at this point is hope for the best for the young Cheick Diallo; besides, what’s preseason college basketball without a little drama.


Cain Lever ’19

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