New Face, New Place: Butler

New Face, New Place: Butler

After a fairly strong last season, Butler had some shoes to fill with two of their strongest players- Kellen Dunham and Roosevelt Jones- graduating and moving on from the Big East stage. With three strong three- and four-star recruits that made it on several Top 100 lists as well as academically strong off the court, fans should be ready to watch these new players dazzle with their skills across the conference.


Joey Brunk:

Indy born and bred Brunk, 6’10’’ and 240, will be bringing a fresh start this season to the beloved Butler Bulldogs. Averaging with 18 points and 8 rebounds working the post especially as well as an occasional jump shot, Brunk was a star during his time at Southport, leading them to several championships after several dry-spells. Brunk could be the piece the Bulldogs need to take them to championships with his stance, high shooting percentage, and his soft touch on the court.


Kamar Baldwin:

Coming to Butler from the great state of Georgia, Baldwin had no shortage of points during his high school career with a whopping 2,593 points and 1,002 rebounds. Standing at 6’2’’ and 170, his shooting capabilities are an asset to the Bulldogs. Averaging 29 points and 10 rebounds his senior year, he also took his Georgia high school to 19-6. Further down the road during this season and beyond, Baldwin will prove to be a qualified replacement for Kellen Dunham with his outside shot and rebound opportunities.


Henry Baddley:

With 19 points per game, Baddley led his Ohio high school to a runner-up finish in the state tournament during his senior year. While Baddley is no LeBron James- the comparison comes as Baddley plays the same position and coming from the same high school, he is 6’4’’ and 175 and one of Ohio’s most improved high school players on the court. His shots have been worked on enough to make a huge difference in his playing, and will definitely make a difference at Hinkle Fieldhouse- especially if he continues to put in the same work he did after the game was long over.


Even though Butler’s recruiting class isn’t as initially impressive as other basketball focused schools, the team is sure to be enhanced by the uniqueness of the recruits from the class of 2020. The Butler staff seem to be putting together a puzzle that could potentially create a picture of several championships at the end of the season. Only time will tell.



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