Postgame: Butler Defeats Bucknell 86-60

The Bulldogs pulled out a substantial win against the lowly Bucknell Bison on Saturday. The game was on the coat tails of Butlers buzzer beater victory over Northwestern on Wednesday night. 

In that game, the Dawgs shot only 38% from the field. This number has vastly improved to 62% shooting against Bucknell, on a blistering 53% three point shooting. With these numbers it is no surprise that Butler demolished the Bison.

The Bulldogs were lead in scoring by two guard Avery Woodson with fourteen points and team star Kelan Martin with thirteen points. The Dawgs managed to hold Bucknell’s superstar do-it-all forward Zach Thomas to only three of 11 shooting and only two assists accompanied by four turnovers. 

By limiting Thomas’ impact on the game, Bucknell turned to their big man Nana Foulland who lead the team in points and rebounds, 16 and five, respectively.

Standouts for the Bulldogs included Avery Woodson who had a season high 14 points  and Tyler Lewis who had a season high seven assists. Kamar Baldwin had yet another nice game off of the bench for the Dawgs, scoring 10 points and shooting 100% from behind the arc.

Look for Butler to continue to attempt to share the scoring load between the starters and the bench. While Martin is nearly a guaranteed double digit scorer every game, other players will have to step up, especially against stronger defensive teams as the season goes on if Butler is to stay undefeated. In this game it was Woodson, in the past it has been Baldwin or Chrabascz, regardless of which player it is on each given night, it is going to have to be someone. Butler has yet to solidify who will be their second go-to scorer when Kelan Martin is locked down by a solid defender.

Photo credits: @Joeybrunk
Jackson Borman
I am from St. Louis, Missouri, and Butler University's Class of 2020. I played Basketball at Lindbergh High School, but because of my 5'10" wingspan and even lower shooting percentage, I've decided to stick to writing.

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