NCAA Tournament Preview #1 Villanova vs. #16 Mount St. Mary’s

#1 Villanova  vs #16 Mount ST. Mary’s

East Region

6:10 PM CT/CBS


31-3, (15-3)

Player to Watch: Josh Hart PPG 18.9 RPG 6.5 APG 3.1

The Champs are back and now they are trying to do what lots of sports people say is the hardest thing to do…back to back championships. Well they are in a good spot to do it with getting a number 1 seed.  This team dominated led by seniors Josh Hart, and Kris Jenkins all season. The most consistent team all year alongside with Gonzaga.

X Factor:

For the wildcats to win they need to stay in their offensive which scores at a near 50% from the floor, top 10 in the country. Josh Hart is going to need to set the tone and get it going for this tournament for this Wooden award candidate. Shouldn’t have too much trouble defensively  when Mount  St. Mary’s only 68 points a game which is close to the worst in the country.

Mount ST Mary’s

20-15, (14-4)

Player to Watch: Elijah Long PPG 15.1 RPG 5.3 APG 4.4

Winners of the NEC conference with a 14-4 conference record and winning the first 4 game vs New Orleans in a 1 point thriller. This team struggled big time vs other teams in this tournament by an average of 25 points. Yeah not pretty.

X Factor:

“Great moments are born from great opportunities.” Haha yeah I know I laughed writing that one. Look I know one of these years I going to pick a 16 seed to beat a 1 seed and actually think it will happen but not this year my friends and especially not this game.  Let me just throw some stats at there to you. Never and yes, I said never, has a 16th seed ever beaten a #1 seed. #1 seeds are 128-0 against the 16th seeds. Villanova is favorited to win 99% and are 27 point favorites to win this game. The Mountaineers have had their chances against the big boys but failed all 5 times. Look I like Cinderella stories too pal but in the great words of Double X Posse “I’m not gonna be able to be able to do it.”

Match-Up to Watch- Coach Jamion Christian vs Coach Jay Wright

Going to do this differently from the other writers. For games like this I love to see how coaches prepare their team for games like this. For Jay Wright and his wildcats are they going to come out swinging or just stay in their groove like they have all season? For Coach Christian, are they going to try something new and crazy or stick to what has gotten them this far? As a aspiring coach I like to see what coach do in these situations.

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