Kris Dunn NBA Scouting Report


Kris Dunn, first and foremost, is the fastest player on the court at any given time. Dunn uses his speed and quickness to rip apart defenses and pad his stat line. In addition to his speed, Dunn also has exceptional dribbling skills that allows him to get past defenders as well as getting fast breaks going. Another major strength of Dunn is his leadership on the court. When the ball is in his hands the game feels different and everyone around him plays at his pace. Dunn’s ability to control a game is one that will translate well to the NBA and has impressed scouts this season. On the defensive side Dunn is a lockdown defender and uses his long arms to pick pockets and steal passes. Dunn’s quickness on defense almost eliminates whoever he is guarding from the game.

Anyone who has watched Dunn lately can tell you he struggles with keeping his hands to himself. Dunn, who fouled out against MSU, usually ends games early, or with 4 fouls. Dunn needs to play smarter on defense and not get reaching-in fouls 40 feet from the basket, Dunn needs to stay in the game for as long as possible. Several times this season Coach Cooley has been forced to sit Dunn for periods of time due to foul trouble. Secondly, Dunn needs to be more of a consistent jump shooter, though to his credit, he has come a long way since the end of last season. If Dunn can be as deadly from range as he is getting to the basket there is little stopping him from being the best player in the upcoming draft. Finally, Dunn needs to work on limiting his turnovers. Kris Dunn plays a fast paced game and sometimes he gets ahead of himself and tries forcing passes. This issue will correct itself as time goes on and Dunn gets more experience (seeing as this is only his second full season).

NBA Comparison – John Wall
Many people might think that a player like Westbrook would fit Dunn better, but Wall’s style of play is more suited to Dunn. Kris Dunn is not a shoot-first point guard like Westbrook, but rather, Dunn uses his speed and dribbling to open up defenses and dish to teammates, much like Wall. Also, on defense, John Wall’s speed is what gives him the edge and I believe that’s truly what it boils down to. Dunn and Wall’s speed is what gives them the upper hand on both sides of the ball. I expect Dunn to be an impact player on the court, in the NBA,within 2 years. Dunn has made giant leaps since the start of last season in all aspects of his game. Expect to be hearing his name called early on draft day, and for years to come in the NBA.

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  1. I wouldn’t say he excellent at steals, he has a tremendous upside at the next level, but his game won’t translate the the NBA level with just his leadership and quickness. He still needs a little development with his shot, and with the right team, can make his way on the NBA All-Rookie First Team.

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