Report Card: Georgetown Hoyas

Coach John Thompson III

Hoya fans thought that 2015 would be Georgetown’s best season in several years. Devauntes Smith Riviera chose to come back to Georgetown instead of entering the NBA draft, the sophomores got a year older, and Jessie Govan was an excellent big man recruit. But what happened instead was a disaster. Georgetown limped its way to a 15-18 record in a season that saw the Hoyas lose embarassing games to UNC Asheville and Radford. Thompson has remained committed to an old school style of play that is dissuading recruits and causing massive numbers of turnovers, which is hurting the Hoyas performance. Georgetown came nowhere close to making it to March Madness and couldn’t even receive an NIT invite for their atrocious season. The excuses are running out for John Thompson. If he doesn’t turn this team around fast, he deserves to be fired, no matter how long his father coached at Georgetown for.

Grade: F

PG D’Vauntes Smith Rivera

Hoyas everywhere rejoiced when they saw that Rivera would be foregoing the NBA draft for one more season at Georgetown. The junior had averaged an efficient 16.3 points per game in his junior season, despite the presence of several other scorers. In his senior season, he would surely get the opportunity he deserved and get a chance to be the main scorer at Georgetown. Unfortunately, Rivera disappointed and averaged only 16.2 points per game in his senior year. His three point field goal percentage dropped to 33%. the worst in his career. His draft stock has plummeted as a result. Rivera would be extremely luck if he were picked in the bottom of the second round at this point.

Grade: C

C Bradley Hayes

Bradley Hayes came out of nowhere in his senior season to surprise everyone. The Florida native had not played a legitimate role on the team since he had joined it, but he quickly became a major part of the offense. The senior perfected the jump hook enough to average 8.7 points per game. Hayes was also a beast on the boards, grabbing 6.7 rebounds a game. These feats are made even more impressive when you realize that Hayes split time with fellow big man Jesse Govan. The Hoyas got a lot of unexpected production out of this center.

Grade: A-

PF Isaac Copeland

This was the season where the sophomore was supposed to put it all together. Copeland had flashes of brilliance, but also had times where he struggled to score the basketball. Copeland averaged only 11.1 points per game, but he occasionally looked unstoppable. The reason for this grade is his poor three point shooting. Copeland shot an absolutely awful 27.2% from behind the arc, which means that he shouldn’t really be shooting threes. It didn’t seem to stop Copeland, who seems to chuck up a three any time he gets an opportunity. If I were coach Thompson, I would tell Copeland to focus on driving to the basket and ignore the three point line.

Grade: B

SG: L.J. Peak

L.J. Peak started the season with some okay performances and it looked like the sophomore could be poised for a breakout season. Unfortunately, Peak started to struggle so heavily that he was pulled out of the starting lineup at the midway point of the season. Ironically, Peak played unbelievable basketball coming off the bench. His three point percentage went from 24.6% in the 2014 season to 40.9% this year. Peak’s scoring also improved, as he averaged 12.3 points, a nearly five point increase from last season. Peak might have been benched, but he proved that he is capable of being a solid player and legitimate scorer last season.

Grade: B-

SF: Marcus Derrickson

The freshman recruit struggled in his first year with the Hoyas. He averaged only 7.1 points per game, a very weak statistic for a player that began the year as a starter. Derrickson was recruited for his three point shooting ability, but struggled in most games from behind the arc, shooting only 37.6%. The one positive for Derrickson in his first season was his rebounding, which was highly impressive for the forward/guard hybrid. He was only a freshman, so he could be putting it all together for the Hoyas next season.

Grade: B-

C: Jessie Govan

One of the most impressive players for the Hoyas in te 2015-2016 season was Jessie Govan, who played his way into what could be an NBA draft selection next year. Govan averaged 6.8 points per game for the Hoyas, but his impact on the game is not measured by only traditional statistics. His presence in the post helped to create driving lanes and open spaces for guards, who in turn could dump the ball off to the massive center. Govan showed some flashes of brilliance last season, especially in a game against Seton Hall in which he scored 27 points. The Hoyas might have had a rough season, but Govan had a pretty good one for a freshman.

Grade: A-


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