Emmitt Holt Dismissed from Indiana

Tom Crean and Fred Glass announced on Monday that Emmitt Holt has been dismissed from the program effective immediately. The dismissal comes after Holt and teammate Thomas Bryant were cited by the Indiana Excise Police for possession of alcohol during Welcome Week.

No one wins from this situation. Indiana has another dent on its bumper while Holt will have to transfer and sit out a year in order to continue his basketball career. Holt looked like a potential building block last season. He provided depth for a very weak position on the Hoosiers roster. He was many fans’ pick as the breakout player for the up and coming Hoosiers. Instead, Holt will be searching for a new academic institution to play basketball at.

While I do understand the culture and lifestyle at Indiana (I go there), I also understand what those candy stripes represent. Sitting in a car of a closed convenient mart in the center of IU’s party neighborhood is just not very smart. Indiana’s athletes need to be smart with their social lives and I hope that the bad publicity stops here (yes we said this after Perea and Davis incident). My one new knock on Tom Crean is not creating a culture. When Zeller and Oladipo were at Indiana it felt like there was a culture in the program which had positive results on and off the court. It does not seem like there is any culture with this program and that is resulting in some of these issues.

I would like to make a few suggestions just to get my thoughts out there. My first suggestion would be to have Oladipo, Watford, and Hulls come in and talk to the current players about their great opportunity at Indiana and making the right choices. It was only a few years ago that these guys were doing it the right way in Bloomington and now I am sure Zeller and Oladipo enjoy a cold beverage legally while living off of their draft bonuses and huge salaries. Another suggestion would be to pair each Indiana player with a former player that can mentor them in a one on one setting. A personal relationship with a former player even through text and phone calls could go a long ways in creating that culture and ultimately effect the players’ decisions.

It will be sad not seeing Holt in Assembly Hall this season as I was looking forward to seeing his growth from last season but what is done cannot be undone. I wish Emmitt the best in his next venture and I will be sure to remind Juwan Morgan and Max Bielfeldt that its their time to step up the next time I see them.

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