Opinion Piece: 10 Reasons to Go to Assembly Hall

I recently read a piece by Kent Sterling that stated 10 reasons why to stay away from Assembly Hall (link below). As I read this piece I was disheartened by the broadcasting of this negativity especially when some of the facts were false. I am here to get the IU student bodies attention and to negate this article. I will give a little rebuttal to all of Kent Sterling’s points and then a list of why to go to Assembly Hall.

Before I go into my list I just wanted to introduce you to College Pride Press. You may have not heard of us but we are a group of college students who are passionate about college basketball. We write about the school’s we attend and have fun doing so.

  1. “Like I wrote, regardless of his impressive efforts, Tom Crean isn’t a ringmaster capable of organizing a circus like those I enjoy.” Congrats! We’ve known that Tom Crean isn’t Coach K for a while now. I am sure that every ringmaster needed to improve his craft throughout his tenure.
  2. “Finals.” Take a break from studying. Mr. Sterling said that students would rather study or go out to the bars than go to Assembly Hall. Yes studying is important but a nice 2 hour break for some basketball will help clear your mind and you will be more relaxed after the game. And Mr. Sterling to comment on your point about the bars, most of the IU student body is not 21 and/or does not go out during dead week.
  3. “Quality of competition.” Yes, fine I will give you that we don’t have Kentucky coming to Assembly Hall any time soon but come on. If you stay away from Assembly Hall because Kentucky won’t play us and the opponents aren’t top 25 teams then please stay away forever. The players can only play the teams on the schedule. Don’t become less of a fan because of that.
  4. “Players seem aloof.” This was the point that pushed me over the edge. I am happy that the dozen students you talked to didn’t party or have personal relationships with the basketball players. I have had multiple interactions with the guys and they always say hello. I will never complain about not being able to party with them considering that the team has had issues with underaged drinking. I am sure these guys would love to party with other students every weekend but thats against the law for most of them and could prevent them from getting a free college education. Use your mind Kent.
  5. “Parking is a little more difficult.” I didn’t know Assembly Hall was in New York City. The amount of spots lost due to construction is very minimal. Alumni and other fans can certainly find a spot near Assembly Hall most the time for free. I am sure that many 18-21 year olds are capable of walking or getting on a bus to Assembly Hall. It also hasn’t snowed yet so it is great weather for a little walk to exercise in some 50 degree weather.
  6. “Minus one Big 10 Championship, Indiana has been mediocre over Tom Crean’s Tenure” This team was ranked in the Top 15 before the season. The talent is there to compete at the top of the Big 10. Every season is different. But if you are going to harp on Tom Crean and be negative then feel free to watch the games at home. The fans that believe in this group of guys will go cheer them on. Also many students were not alive when IU won its last national title and were too young to remember them being relevant back in the late 90’s. That Big 10 championship in 2013 is all that most of us students know. 
  7. “More Entertainment Options” Believe it or not Kent people would rather watch a game they have an invested interest in than watch two top 25 teams that means nothing to them. The Ringling Brothers circus isn’t coming to Bloomington anytime soon so we will stick to IU basketball.
  8. “Consistent Mediocrity” Kent you are a broken record. You can’t just reword numbers 1 and 6. We understand the past. Bandwagon fans can sell their tickets to real IU fans.
  9. “Purdue and Butler are bringing consistent efforts” I am not going to start cheering for Butler or Purdue because they have had more consistent success. You and I both have a connection to IU. But then again, if you think about Purdue and Butler compared to IU then hand in your jersey.
  10. “Fans don’t like being conflicted” A couple hundred seats being empty against IPFW is not going to force administration to fire the coach. Show that you are a real IU fan and show up to support the team. This isn’t a tanking situation. 


10 Reasons Why You Should Come to Assembly Hall

  1. College Students: You only have 4 years. Yes the opponent may be overmatched but you only get so many years to be apart of the student section. You don’t want to miss any opportunity. 
  2. Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell. This will be the last year that Yogi wears the cream and crimson at Assembly Hall. He has been an all time great player in the programs history and you can tell your grandkids that you saw him play. Go and watch Yogi do his thing because there are limited chances remaining. 
  3. Troy Williams.  Troy is a highlight waiting to happen. Between the coast to coast drives and the spectacular dunks Troy is a fun player to watch. This will most likely be his last year in Bloomington as well. Enjoy the Top-10 plays while you can because athletes like him aren’t walking through the door every year. 
  4. The Team is Fun to Watch. The old saying is that “offense sells tickets” and well this Indiana team can certainly put points on the board. They are a fun team to watch with their fast paced offense and deep shooting. Their defense is horrible but their offense is a reason in itself to go watch them play. 
  5. Being apart of something bigger than yourself. Hoosier nation is something bigger than you and me. Go to Assembly Hall and join over 17000 of your closest friends to cheer on the Hoosiers. It is quite a feeling when you are cheering on a time with so many dedicated fans like Indiana has. 
  6. Every Year is Different Indiana may not have had a great non conference schedule thus far but there is a lot of season left and every year is different. This could be the year that Indiana puts it all together during Big 10 play and finishes strong. 
  7. Be a Real Fan I am a Buffalo Bills fan. Yes the same Buffalo Bills that haven’t been in the playoffs since 2001. Yes fans are not happy with the results of the team but we still love our team! And believe it or not it is much colder in Buffalo in December than Assembly Hall in December. The weather doesn’t stop Bills fans from going and watching a struggling team. Be a real fan and go to the games even if the team is struggling. 


Yes I did not come up with an even 10 reasons but I would rather have 7 great reasons to come to the games instead of 10 with 3 repeats. You may be down on the Hoosiers but don’t broadcast why people aren’t and shouldn’t go to the games. I am not a pro-Crean guy either but I am IU basketball fan who will cheer for them through thick and thin. 

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