March Preview: Michigan Wolverines

Expectations were not very high for the Wolverines coming into the season.  Michigan has been very inconsistent this year but is starting to peak at the right time.  Heading into Sunday’s Big Ten conference championship game against Wisconsin, the Wolverines have won seven of their last eight including quality wins over Minnesota and Purdue twice.


Michigan has been fantastic on the offensive end.  The Wolverines are fifth in the country in effective field goal percentage and eighth in turnover percentage.  Senior Derrick Walton Jr. and Zak Irvin are a big reason for their success offensively.  Walton and Irvin combine for an average of 28 points per game and have been playing their best ball of the year lately.  These two are the engine that makes their team go and could give future opponents troubles in the tournament.


Michigan’s defense should take a page out of their offense’s book or hire Jim Harbaugh as their defensive coordinator.  The Wolverines are 11th in the Big Ten in defensive efficiency according to KenPom.  The teams behind Michigan in that category are Ohio State, Nebraska, and of course, Indiana and we all know how their seasons have gone.  If the Wolverines matchup with a solid offensive team in the tourney, their offense is going to have to be twice as solid or their defense will finally have to show up in order to advance.


Photo via USA Today

Sean Bock
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