NBA Draft Player Breakdown: DJ Wilson

Leading up to the NBA Draft we will be analyzing scouting reports for various players who have entered their name in this year’s NBA Draft.  The focus of these articles will be on prospects who we find most intriguing and feel readers need to become more familiar with.  Please let us know if you want any players specifically @edupridepress.  All stats and videos are via KenPom, ESPN, DraftExpress, and YouTube.


DJ Wilson – PF/C – Center – Michigan

Height: 6’11”

Weight: 235 lbs

Age: Junior

Projected:  27 (CPP Big Board) 24(CPP Mock Draft)


Background: DJ Wilson’s stock has been rising steadily since the beginning of the Big-Ten tournament. Wilson and the Wolverines really hit their stride at the right time. Wilson and fellow front court mate Mo Wagner received tons of praise for their play. Wagner is returning to Michigan but Wilson wanted to capitalize on his strong finish and turn pro. Wilson has developed his game and body over his three years at Michigan adding some polish and muscle to his draft profile. Look for Wilson to be a late first round selection as a potential role player for a playoff team.


Strengths: DJ Wilson and Zach Collins are the two big men that can provide outside shooting and rim protection. Collins is younger and has a high ceiling but Wilson is also elite at both ends. Wilson averaged 11.1 points and 1.4 blocks per game in Big-Ten play last season. Combine those numbers with a 38.7% conversation rate on three point attempts and that gives NBA Teams plenty to dream about. There are only a few big men in the NBA that can both shoot and provide rim protection.

Wilson is not only an outside shooter but can also handle the ball and post up. His offensive game displays some nice polish and Wilson can do a variety of things to help a team score. Shooting will always be Wilson’s calling card but the complimentary skills are always nice to have when a team calls upon it. DJ is more athletic than he looks and showed an ability to get up and down the floor both vertically and horizontally. He showed the agility to beat his man on back cuts and finish at the rim through contact. Finally, it should be mentioned that as a junior, Wilson showed impressive on court vision and basketball IQ. He reads the defense very well and reacts to put himself in the right spot.


Weaknesses: Wilson’s agility is very good on offense but he had a hard time staying in front of quicker forwards in college. As a 4 man in the NBA he will need to improve his on ball defense to not be a liability. Another weakness of Wilson is rebounding. NBA teams thrive on rebounding. Tristan Thompson has made a career basically just rebounding and being friends with LeBron. Anywhoo, Wilson struggled to get more than 4 rebounds a game during his junior season. Some of that is Wilson hung out on the perimeter on offense but that is no excuse to not have heavy defensive rebounding numbers. The team that selects DJ will need him to improve his rebounding fundamentals and ability to read the shot. If Wilson doesn’t get the rebound chances are it is the opponent and that is a one way ticket to the end of the bench.


Comparison: Rashard Lewis

Rashard Lewis was one of the few players to provide shooting and rim protection. He was not the quickest man in the world which lines him up perfectly with Wilson. Serge Ibaka is one of those big men in the NBA today but he is much quicker and cannot handle the ball like Wilson. Lewis carved out an incredible career by catch and shoot threes with great defense. Wilson has the potential to be a special player and have a great career if he keeps working and finds the best landing spot.


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