Blind Resume: December 28th

Blind Resumes Week 2: Current Bubble

by: Jonathon Warriner

Each week until Selection Sunday, I will pick 4 random teams with a similar seed and compare their RPI, KPI, Strength of Schedule, record, and Record against the Top-50. Please look at the examples of teams before scrolling down and reading who they are.

Team 1: RPI: 33, KPI: 31, SOS: 173, Record: 10-3, Record vs. Top-50: 2-2

Team 2: RPI: 25, KPI: 24, SOS: 9, Record: 9-4, Record vs. Top-50: 2-1

Team 3: RPI: 70, KPI: 66, SOS: 324, Record: 11-1, Record vs. Top-50: 0-1

Team 4: RPI: 66, KPI: 50, SOS: 161, Record: 9-2, Record vs. Top-50: 0-1





Who are the teams? Team 1:Illinois Team 2:Temple Team 3:Kansas State Team 4:Miami

This week I picked 4 teams that are currently on the bubble. Before looking at every teams resume this past week I had Miami and Kansas State in, while having Illinois and Temple out. After comparing their resumes, I decided to switch these around as both Illinois and Temple have top-50 wins, while Miami and Kansas State don’t.

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