What did the Tournament committee get wrong?

What did the committee get wrong

By: Jonathon Warriner

Let me start out by saying the right 68 teams are in the field. I am saying that even though I did put in Syracuse over Wake Forest I thought that Wake Forest was the better team overall I just thought the committee was going to put Syracuse in. Although the right teams are in I still think there are some miscues by the committee that I will share as the ten biggest made by the tournament committee.

  1. Wichita State being a Ten Seed. Sure having them in a 7-10 game is fine, just make sure they are the seven seed in that case. KenPom had them as the 8th best team in the country and yet their seed is lower than their KenPom Rating, that should never happen. Seeding a team that far off is not only an issue to them but also to the team they will have to face in the first round.
  2. Vanderbilt is seeded too high. Yes Vanderbilt did have a great SOS but the thought that you could seed a team with 15 losses higher than teams with only 4 is absurd. I didn’t have a problem with them being called but they should not have been seeded higher than Wichita State and Middle Tennessee.
  3. Middle Tennessee basically needed to win the Conference USA title to get in. We all knew that Middle Tennessee would be called on Selection Sunday but being a 12 seed is absurd. This Middle Tennessee team beat Vanderbilt earlier in the season too. The fact you can have a team have that great of a season be a 12 seed is simply ridiculous.
  4. South Carolina is a seven seed. Last year the Gamecocks were famously told they were in while being left out, I guess this year they had to reward them with a seven seed and a game in their home state. I think the Gamecocks had a good season but losing 6 out of their last 9 is definitely an issue and should have dropped them down further than a seven seed.
  5. SMU and Cincinnati are way too good of six seeds. Look you should have seen this coming, they both played in a relatively weak Conference. With that being said if you have watched them at all you would see two teams that could potentially make a Final Four run, lets seed them based on that.
  6. Two Great Big 12 teams could matchup too early. One Seeded Kansas and Five Seeded Iowa State could possibly match up in the Sweet 16, which is unfair to both teams as they both won Big 12 championships and are both Final Four caliber teams from the same Conference.
  7. Locations are off for some teams. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have New Mexico State play in Salt Lake City or Sacramento as opposed to putting Kent State and Iona out West, I know this doesn’t matter a whole lot to the outlook of the tournament but the committee should think more Geographically.
  8. Big Ten Seeding is a mess. For the most part there are arguments that can be made for or against some seeding, except for Maryland and Wisconsin. They finished with identical records in Conference, Maryland only had one less loss and Wisconsin had one more win, yet the Terrapins are seeded a six seed while the Badgers are seeded as an eight seed. That just doesn’t make any sense.
  9. Mid Majors not even being considered for an at large bid. Yes, most Bracketologists didn’t even consider Illinois State a tournament team, but that’s not to say they weren’t one. The committee needs to start giving at larges to great mid major teams as opposed to the same 13 loss ACC teams, to give hope to those Mid majors on the bubble.
  10. Duke not even being considered for a one seed. After the Selection Show the committee announced that Duke wasn’t even considered for a one seed. This I found strange because Duke had won the ACC Tournament and has the best wins of anyone in the country, with that its hard to see why they didn’t even consider comparing them to another one seed. This basically tells teams that conference tournaments don’t mean anything, unless of course your a mid major.

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