Blind Resumes: A10 watch

Blind Resumes Week 5: Focus on the A10

by: Jonathon Warriner

Each week until Selection Sunday, I will pick 4 teams with a similar seed and compare their RPI, KPI, Strength of Schedule, record, and Record against the Top-50. Please look at the examples of teams before scrolling down and reading who they are.

Team 1: RPI: 28, KPI: 28, SOS: 54, Record: 12-4, Record vs. Top-50: 0-2

Team 2: RPI: 35, KPI: 24, SOS: 50, Record: 14-3, Record vs. Top-50: 1-2

Team 3: RPI: 68, KPI: 65, SOS: 27, Record: 10-5, Record vs. Top-50: 0-2

Team 4: RPI: 57, KPI: 56, SOS: 43, Record: 10-6, Record vs. Top-50: 1-2

Who are the teams?

Team 1: Dayton

Team 2: VCU

Team 3: La Salle

Team 4: Rhode Island

This week I decided to focus on the A10 because there are four teams at the top of the A10 that cause good at-large debate. At the top of the A10 there is Dayton and VCU two teams with very similar resumes. I currently have both teams as an eight seed however I have VCU as the better team because their overall resume is better. Next I will focus on La Salle and Rhode Island, looking at their resumes the numbers would say Rhode Island has the better resume, however earlier this week La Salle went on the road and beat Rhode Island, for that reason and the fact that La Salle has a better record, has lead me to put La Salle ahead of Rhode Island in the teams not in the tournament category.

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