Blind Resumes week 8: One Seeds are in question

Blind Resumes Week 8: One Seeds in question 

by: Jonathon Warriner

Each week until Selection Sunday, I will pick 4 teams with a similar seed and compare their RPI, KPI, Strength of Schedule, record, and Record against the Top-50. Please look at the examples of teams before scrolling down and reading who they are.

Team 1: RPI: 2, KPI: 1, SOS: 26, Record: 22-2, Record vs. Top-50: 7-1

Team 2: RPI: 1, KPI: 2, SOS: 2, Record: 20-3, Record vs. Top-50: 9-3

Team 3: RPI: 3, KPI: 5, SOS: 8, Record: 19-4, Record vs. Top-50: 4-4

Team 4: RPI: 4, KPI: 3, SOS: 16, Record: 20-3, Record vs. Top-50: 7-2

Who are the teams?

Team 1: Villanova

Team 2: Baylor

Team 3: Louisville

Team 4: Kansas

This week I decided to pick four of the five teams that I have as possible one seeds. I decided to exclude Gonzaga for the fact that they have a perfect record and will be a one seed until they lose a game. Villanova, Kansas and Louisville are currently my four one seeds but Baylor is not far behind. Villanova is the obvious best team out of these four teams with the least losses and the best record against top-50 teams. Louisville is also a one seed because they have the best resume from the best conference in College Basketball. I was choosing between Kansas and Baylor for my final one seed and I decided to pick Kansas based on their standing in the Big 12 and their win against Baylor. All four of these teams will have opportunities this week to improve their resume but that is who the one seeds are for now.

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