CPP Top 100: #39 EC Matthews

Leading up the season we are doing a countdown of the Top 100 players in college basketball. These rankings are based on a poll made up of 14 CPP writers. These writers span from UCLA to Seton Hall so there is very little bias. Each day we will release the latest player on our ranking with a small write-up. Be sure to check out the rest of the Top 100 articles!



EC Matthews

Rhode Island

PG/SG 6’5

Graduate Senior


2016-2017 Stats: (Senior) 14.9 Points, 1.4 Assists, and 4.3 Rebounds per game.

Why They Are Here

EC Matthews ranks #39 in our Top 100 because of his sheer presence on the court for Rhode Island. EC spreads the floor just as well as anyone in College Basketball allowing Rhode Island to have the year they did last season. Every part of his game is solid, he can shoot, dribble, and pass like a guard, but his height at 6’5 allows him to be a greater threat on the floor.

Role on This Year’s Team

The Rams were rolling against Oregon in their round of 32 game. The whole game was controlled by them, but Oregon came out on top by just 3 points and eventually lost to the champs in the Final Four. EC Matthews was quiet in the game vs Oregon, but he is the main reason why his Rhode Island Rams had the opportunities they did. The Rams controlled an entire game vs a Final Four team in Oregon. EC looks to carry his skills to his Graduate Senior year and take the Rams to higher places this year starting with an A10 championship.

College Season/NBA Prospects

EC is a first round talent and a fantastic NBA Prospect. He has all the assets of an NBA player, but he will need to continue to improve to be a staple in the NBA. Proving that he can assist Rhode Island in holding their own in the A10 this year will prove to me, and prove to NBA scouts that he is ready for the big league.


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