CPP Top 100: #51 Nate Mason

Leading up the season we are doing a countdown of the Top 100 players in college basketball. These rankings are based on a poll made up of 14 CPP writers. These writers span from UCLA to Seton Hall so there is very little bias. Each day we will release the latest player on our ranking with a small write-up. Be sure to check out the rest of the Top 100 articles!

Nate Mason


PG 6’2”


2016-2017 stats: 15.2 PPG 5.0 APG 3.6 RPG

Why he is here

Heading into Last year most didn’t expect Minnesota to be a tournament team, but after going 12-1 in non-conference play and finishing 11-7 in Big Ten play, the Gophers not only made it in, but as a five seed in the NCAA Tournament. The main reason for the Gophers great season is because of Nate Mason. Mason lead the team in points and assists per game averaging the impressive 15 and 5, and was named to first team All-Big Ten last year.

Role on this years team

This year Mason will be expected to play very similarly as the Gophers return nearly everyone. Its hard to look at him and expect a whole lot more from him, however if he can improve upon his shot selection as he was only a 38 percent shooter from the floor. Also turnovers could be better with Mason as he averaged 1.9 Turnovers per game. If he can make those improvements his stats may not look a whole lot different but he would be more efficient and help the Gophers more.

College season/ NBA Prospects

Looking at Mason he is both tall enough for his position and has the game for an NBA Player. At 6’2” he is not undersized like some other guards, his main thing holding him back is shooting. In all likelihood Mason will be a second round pick in next year’s Draft and almost certainly find an NBA team to play for.

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