CPP Top 100: #68 Johnathan Williams

Johnathan Williams


6’9 F

RS Senior

2016-2017 Stats: 10.2 ppg, 6.4 rpg, 0.8 apg

Why Are They Here?

Johnathan Williams is #68 in the CPP Top 100 because of his scoring ability off the dribble and his length on defense. At 6’9, Williams has the great combination of length and athleticism. He can hit the mid-range jumper off of the dribble and finish inside the paint. He has stretch-big capabilities and is valuable on defense because of his long arms; allowing him to block shots and grab steals along the perimeter.

Role on This Year’s Team

On the 2017-2018 Gonzaga team, Johnathan Williams will be asked to be a leader to a fresh recruitment class. Williams will have to help the young guys on Gonzaga’s team assimilate into the college hoops scene, and show them what it takes to get to a national championship. As a redshirt senior, Williams will need to be an offensive force to ensure a Gonzaga run during March Madness and to raise his own draft stock.

College Season/NBA Prospects

Williams, who started his collegiate career at Missouri, enters his redshirt senior season as a projected late-second round pick, assuming he is drafted at all. He can raise his draft stock by expanding on his moves to the rim and becoming a better shot blocker. He has shown that he can shoot the three and score in the low post, but he has to further develop his offensive game to be selected in the draft. Being both long and athletic, he has the exact build NBA scouts are looking for, however, he will be 23 years old by the time the 2018 draft rolls around, which could work against him.

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