CPP Top 100: #72 Ben Lammers

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Ben Lammers

Georgia Tech

C 6’10”


2016-17 Stats (Georgia Tech): 14.2 PPG, 9.2 RPG, 2.1 APG, 3.4 BPG


Why They Are Here?

Coming into last season, Georgia Tech was pegged by many to be the worst Power 5 basketball team. They overachieved and surprised everyone, with a lot of that due to Lammers’ vastly improved play. After averaging just 3.6 PPG and 4.0 RPG as a sophomore, Lammers had a great junior year, becoming one of the best and most consistent big men in the ACC. Filling the role of a typical center, he did most of his work around the rim and only shot two threes all year. However, this allowed his to snatch nearly ten rebounds per game while also becoming the league’s best defensive player, winning the ACC Defensive Player of the Year. Lammers defended the lane as well as anyone in the country, an improvement that he should be commended for as much increases in point and rebound totals.


Role on This Year’s Team

After catching everyone off guard last year, Georgia Tech will not be taken as lightly this season. Lammers will be as important as anyone on the team to the continued improvement as a team. You could see him come into his own not only skill-wise last season but also as a team leader. He will need to continue in that roll this season, playing almost as the “quarterback” on the defensive side of the ball. Since rising sophomore Josh Okogie can take a lot of the scoring pressure off of Lammers, he can focus more on maintaining his intimidating presence on defense while staying efficient on the offensive side. If Lammers can develop a somewhat competent midrange jumper to keep defenses honest, he could easily be a candidate for ACC Player of the Year.


College Season/NBA Prospect

As the NBA continues to move towards “positionless” players and rotations, players like Lammers will be written off somewhat at the next level. However, I see potential for him as a backup center in the NBA. Although he really can’t stretch the floor, his motor and especially his defensive instinct is impressive. Teams will always find minutes for someone who can protect the rim and grab boards while their stars are resting on the bench. His limited athleticism and lack of a jumper will limit his potential considerably, but I can see an NBA future for Lammers if the dice roll the right way. If not, he could easily have a solid career overseas.


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