CPP Top 100: #91 Brandon Goodwin

Leading up to the season we are doing a countdown of the Top 100 players in college basketball. These rankings are based on a poll made up of 14 CPP writers. These writers span from UCLA to Seton Hall so there is very little bias. Each day we will release the latest player on our ranking with a small write-up. Be sure to check out the rest of the Top 100 articles!


Brandon Goodwin


PG/SG 6’2


2016-2017 Stats (Junior): 18.5 Points, 4.1 Assists, and 4.5 Rebounds per game.


Why They Are Here

Brandon Goodwin cracked the Top 100 at 91 because of his ability to keep Florida Gulf Coast relevant as a senior this season. In 2013, FGCU went on a tournament run for the ages as a 15 seed, and have been a quality team ever since. Goodwin has been fantastic for this team, and it will continue next year as he attempts to take FGCU to the tournament again.


Role on the Team

Brandon Goodwin has a lot on his plate this year. He will obviously need to lead this team as a court general, and as their top scorer. Goodwin will have another high scorer, Zach Johnson, back which will help out a lot. However, Goodwin will have to lead many new teammates and teammates who are inexperienced with playing at a high level.


College Season/NBA Prospects

Goodwin is going into his senior year, so he has another year to strive for the NBA. He is looking at a potential second round pick in next year’s draft.  The draft is still 10 months away so Goodwin will have to prove that he can not only play, but dominate the mid-major college level to solidify his draft stock and move up draft boards.


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