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  • Mail Time: December 12th

    Mail Time: December 12th

    Overreactions are probably both the best and worst part about college basketball. A week and a half ago, everyone was questioning how good Arizona actually was. I’ll settle that for you right now: they’re really good. It was an unprecedented skid for a Sean Miller-coached ‘Zona team, but look where they are now, right back on top. And Georgetown’s undefeated sure, but my high school intramural team would be undefeated against that schedule. And Arizona State? I do think they’re really good. I love Tra Holder. But I’ve seen some talk about Bobby Hurley being the guy to take Coach …Read More »
  • Mail Time: March 7th

    Mail Time: March 7th

    Wow, this is the last mailbag of the season. This is kind of emotional. It’s kind of like my senior day (except I’m coming back next year, don’t worry). We also got a new logo, just in time for the end. But it’s awesome! Anyways, I just want to say, I am in love with Chris Clemons from Campbell. I was really excited for them to make their Cinderella run all the way to the national championship. Oh well. Always next year. Additionally, my hometown Milwaukee Panthers are 11-23 and playing in the Horizon League championship game. I assure you …Read More »
  • Mail Time: February 28th

    Mail Time: February 28th

    My favorite part of the last week of the regular season is not the best rivalries. It is not the regular season conference title races. It is not bubble teams scrapping out wins to save their season. It’s senior day. Every school has one at some point this week. It’s such an underrated part of the game. Because of the game’s shift to focusing on star freshmen, being able to say you’re a four-year senior has lost a lot of its luster. I still think it’s one of the most impressive things to do. Sure, they aren’t necessarily the most …Read More »
  • Mailbag: February 21st

    Mailbag: February 21st

    Can you feel it? March Madness is inching closer by the day. There’s less than a month now until we tip it off for the greatest sporting event in the world (no, the Olympics don’t count, they don’t happen every year). I truly hope your team does well, but really, I don’t. I just want a fun tournament. And it always is just that, so I’m not worried. We’re starting to see some conference tournament seedings fall into place, which is only building up my excitement more. Let’s not forget, conference tournaments are nearly as fun as the Big Dance …Read More »
  • Mail Time: February 14th

    Mail Time: February 14th

    I’m writing this on the tail end of the Press Virginia-Kansas game. Bob Huggins is not going to be happy after this. Turns out Press Virginia can’t handle a press! Ironic! Front to back, though, this has been one of the best games of the year. Two very dangerous teams in March. They’ll benefit from good seeds, as the selection committee let us know how much they like both squads. There were lots of questions about the early selection seed list, but one thing can be certain: IT DOESN’T MATTER. So much will change by then. And that’s why this …Read More »