Brett Siegel’s 2018 NBA Draft Big Board – December 2, 2017

Can you believe we are already a month into the college basketball season? It feels likes games just started yesterday! Over the past month, we have seen some breakout performances from familiar names, as well as new names. Who will see their draft stock burn and who will see it rise as conference play slowly approaches?

With Michael Porter Jr. out after having back surgery, how will that shake up the Top 5, as well as his own draft stock?

NBA Draft Analyst Brett Siegel has reassembled his 2018 NBA Draft Big Board. Check out where he ranks some familiar names from last year’s college basketball season with all the newcomers to the college basketball world!

From all of us at College Pride Press, we wish everyone Happy Holidays and a wonderful start to 2018!


-1Marvin Bagley IIISF/PFDUKEFreshman/186'11"221 lbs
↑ (1)2Luka DoncicSG/SFSLOVENIAINTL/186'8"185 lbs
↑ (1)3DeAndre AytonCARIZONAFreshman/197'0"243 lbs
↑ (1)4Mohamed BambaPF/CTEXASFreshman/197'0"207 lbs
↓ (3)5Michael Porter Jr.SF/PFMISSOURIFreshman/196'10"214 lbs
-6Jaren JacksonPF/CMICHIGAN STATEFreshman/186'10"227 lbs
↑ (1)7Collin SextonPGALABAMAFreshman/186'3"183 lbs
↑ (1)8Lonnie WalkerSGMIAMIFreshman/186'4"206 lbs
↓ (2)9Miles BridgesSF/PFMICHIGAN STATESophomore/196'6"226 lbs
↑ (3)10Robert WilliamsPF/CTEXAS A&MSophomore/206'9"237 lbs
-11Kevin KnoxSF/PFKENTUCKYFreshman/186'9"205 lbs
-12Wendell CarterPFDUKEFreshman/186'10"263 lbs
↑ (11)13Brandon McCoyCUNLVFreshman/196'11"244 lbs
↓ (4)14Trevon DuvalPGDUKEFreshman/196'3"191 lbs
↑ (4)15Rui HachimuraSFGONZAGASophomore/196'8"225 lbs
↓ (2)16Gary Trent Jr.SGDUKEFreshman/186'5"213 lbs
-17Bruce BrownSGMIAMISophomore/216'3"200 lbs
↓ (3)18Hamidou DialloSGKENTUCKYFreshman/196'5"188 lbs
↑ (4)19Mikal BridgesSFVILLANOVAJunior/216'7"200 lbs
-20Lamar PetersPGMISSISSIPPI STATESophomore/196'1"190 lbs
↑ (1)21Chimezie MetuPF/CUSCJunior/206'9"210 lbs
NEW22Anfernee SimonsSGUSAHS/186'3"176 lbs
↑ (4)23Nickeil Alexander-WalkerPG/SGVIRGINIA TECHFreshman/196'5"180 lbs
↓ (8)24Troy BrownSGOREGONFreshman/186'7"210 lbs
↓ (4)25Rodions KurucsSG/SFLATVIAINTL/196'9"190 lbs
↑ (4)26Grayson AllenPG/SGDUKESenior/216'4"185 lbs
↑ (1)27Killian TilliePF/CGONZAGASophomore/196'10"230 lbs
↑ (4)28Allonzo TrierSGARIZONAJunior/216'5"199 lbs
↑ (2)29Alize JohnsonPFMISSOURI STATESenior/216'9"206 lbs
↓ (12)30Jarred VanderbiltSFKENTUCKYFreshman/186'8"214 lbs
↑ (9)31Kris WilkesSFUCLAFreshman/196'7"199 lbs
↑ (1)32Austin WileyCAUBURNSophomore/186'11"255 lbs
↑ (10)33Deng AdelSF/PFLOUISVILLEJunior/216'7"200 lbs
-34Mitchell RobinsonCUSAFreshman/196'11"215 lbs
↑ (10)35LaGerald VickSG/SFKANSASJunior/216'5"175 lbs
NEW36Brian BowenSFLOUISVILLEFreshman/196'7"190 lbs
↓ (12)37Nick RichardsCKENTUCKYFreshman/206'11"231 lbs
↑ (3)38Shake MiltonPGSMUJunior/216'5"195 lbs
↓ (13)39Dzanan MusaSFBOSNIA & HERZEGOVINAINTL/186'8"188 lbs
↓ (5)40Isaac BongaSFGERMANYINTL/186'9"172 lbs
↓ (12)41V.J. KingSFLOUISVILLESophomore/206'7"190 lbs
-42P.J. WashingtonPFKENTUCKYFreshman/196'8"235 lbs
↑ (5)43Rawle AlkinsSGARIZONASophomore/206'5"220 lbs
↓ (6)44Omer YurtsevenCN.C. ST.Sophomore/197'0"228 lbs
↓ (6)45Justin JacksonSFMARYLANDSophomore/206'8"230 lbs
-46Joel Berry IIPGUNCSenior/226'0"185 lbs
-47Kostja MushidiSGBELGIUMINTL/196'5"210 lbs
↑ (5)48Billy PrestonPFKANSASFreshman/206'10"235 lbs
↑ (5)49Landry ShametSGWICHITA STATESophomore/206'4"188 lbs
↑ (17)50Arnoldas KulbokaSFLITUANIAINTL/196'9"201 lbs
↓ (1)51De'Anthony MeltonPGUSCSophomore/196'4"190 lbs
↓ (1)52Emmanuel AkotSFARIZONAFreshman/186'7"200 lbs
↓ (1)53Josh OkogieSG/SFGEORGIA TECHSophomore/196'4"215 lbs
NEW54Mike DaumPF/CSOUTH DAKOTA STATEJunior/226'9"250 lbs
-55Jaylen AdamsPGST. BONAVENTURESenior/216'2"185 lbs
↓ (12)56Ethan HappPFWISCONSINJunior/216'9"230 lbs
↑ (6)57Jacob EvansSFCINCINNATIJunior/206'6"210 lbs
↑ (2)58Devonte GrahamPG/SGKANSASSenior/226'2"175 lbs
↑ (2)59Bonzie ColsonPFNOTRE DAMESenior/216'5"220 lbs
↑ (2)60Trevon BluiettSFXAVIERSenior/226'6"215 lbs
↓ (3)61Angel DelgadoPFSETON HALLSenior/236'8"215 lbs
↓ (3)62Vince Edwards Jr.SFPURDUESenior/216'8"225 lbs
↑ (1)63Andrew JonesPGTEXASFreshman/206'4"190 lbs
↑ (5)64Aaron HolidayPGUCLAJunior/216'1"187 lbs
↓ (9)65Borisa SimanicPFSERBIAINTL/196'11"220 lbs
↓ (29)66Abdoulaye N'doyePGFRANCEINTL/196'7"183 lbs
↓ (18)67Jaylen HandsPGUCLAFreshman/186'3"170 lbs
-68Charles MatthewsSGMICHIGANSophomore/216'6"180 lbs
↑ (3)69Moritz WagnerCMICHIGANJunior/206'11"240 lbs
↑ (1)70Tadas SedekerskisSFLITUANIAINTL/196'8"201 lbs
↑ (11)71D.J. HoggSFTEXAS A&MJunior/216'8"217 lbs
↑ (12)72Yante MatenPFGEORGIASenior/216'8"240 lbs
↑ (1)73J.P. MacuraSGXAVIERSenior/226'5"203 lbs
↑ (13)74Jalen BrunsonPGVILLANOVAJunior/216'2"200 lbs
↑ (14)75Markis McDuffieSFWICHITA STATEJunior/206'8"215 lbs
↑ (16)76Svi MykhailiukSGKANSASSenior/206'8"191 lbs
-77Malik NewmanPG/SGKANSASSophomore/206'4"182 lbs
-78Raymond SpaldingPFLOUISVILLEJunior/206'9"195 lbs
↑ (7)79Trae YoungPGOKLAHOMAFreshman/196'2"176 lbs
↓ (23)80Tyus BattleSGSYRAC-- USESophomore/206'6"215 lbs
NEW81Jessie GovanCGEORGETOWNJunior/206'11"266 lbs
↓ (7)82Thomas WelshCUCLASenior/217'1"254 lbs
↓ (17)83Quade GreenPGKENTUCKYFreshman/196'1"171 lbs
↓ (11)84Blaz MesicekSGSLOVENIAINTL/206'6"190 lbs
↓ (2)85Kelan MartinSF/PFBUTLERSenior/226'6"235 lbs
NEW86Matur MakerPF/CAUSTRALIAINTL/206'10"195 lbs
↓ (8)87Jeffrey CarrollSFOKLAHOMA STATESenior/236'6"215 lbs
↓ (8)88Bryant CrawfordPGWAKE FORESTJunior/206'3"184 lbs
↓ (24)89Anas MahmoudCLOUISVILLESenior/227'0"210 lbs
↑ (6)90KeVaughn AllenSGFLORIDAJunior/226'2"176 lbs
↑ (3)91Jock LandaleCST. MARY'SSenior/216'11"225 lbs
↓ (16)92Nick WardCMICHIGAN STATESophomore/206'8"241 lbs
↓ (12)93Theo PinsonSFUNCSenior/216'6"188 lbs
↓ (3)94Felipe Dos AnjosCBRAZILINTL/197'3"251 lbs
↓ (59)95Shai Gilgeous-AlexanderPG/SGKENTUCKYFreshman/196'6"171 lbs
↓ (8)96Omari SpellmanPF/CVILLANOVAFreshman/206'9"255 lbs
-97Jonathan WilliamsPFGONZAGASenior/226'9"225 lbs
↓ (8)98E.C. MatthewsSGRHODE ISLANDSenior/226'4"181 lbs
↓ (1)99Marques BoldenCDUKESophomore/196'11"250 lbs
↓ (30)100Wenyen GabrielSF/PFKENTUCKYSophomore/206'9"197 lbs


Brett Siegel
I am currently a sophomore at The University of Louisville, majoring in Sports Administration and minoring in Communication. This is my second year being the lead NBA Draft Analyst for CPP and writer for Louisville Basketball. I am a huge sports fan that loves college basketball and watching the players transition from the college court to the big stage in the NBA! If you have any questions or comments, my email is