CPP NBA Draft Player Breakdown: Jonathan Jeanne

Leading up to the NBA Draft we will be analyzing scouting reports for various players who have entered their name in this year’s NBA Draft.  The focus of these articles will be on prospects who we find most intriguing and feel readers need to become more familiar with.  Please let us know if you want any players specifically @edupridepress.  All stats and videos are via KenPom, ESPN, DraftExpress, and YouTube.


Jonathan Jeanne – International/France

Height: 7’2”

Weight: 210 lbs

Age: 19 years and 9 months

Projected: N/A (DraftExpress) N/A (CPP Big Board) N/A (CPP Mock Draft)



Background: Standing at 7’2” with the longest wingspan at the combine, 7’6 ½”, Jonathan Jeanne has made his name known to NBA personnel. Just by watching Jeanne warm up, you can tell that this kid is a physical freak for his size. The French big man will be 20 years old when it is time for the draft and has gained 15 pounds since the start of 2017. NBA teams love Jeanne’s size, but were concerned about whether or not he would get bullied in the league since he is so slim. The fact the he Jeanne has listened to scouts about improving physically proves that he is willing to change to be successful at the next level. Jonathan Jeanne played in three different leagues with four different teams in Europe this past season. Jeanne’s individual team numbers are not impressive at all because he played very little, but his per 40 numbers are fantastic for a player his size. Jeanne averaged 15.9 PPG, 12.7 RPG, 2.9 BPG, and shot 56.7% from the floor per 40. Jonathan Jeanne is my favorite true center in this draft class and has a chance to be an amazing NBA player in the future.


Strengths: One of Jonathan Jeanne’s biggest strength is his size. Being 7’2” with a 7’6 ½” wingspan in the NBA will favor him amazingly and rank him amongst the longest players in the NBA. Jeanne is incredible mobile for his size and displays a tremendous ability to play above the rim and run the floor. NBA personnel have also taken notice of Jeanne’s ball handling abilities. It is uncommon to find a guy over 7 feet that can handle the ball well which benefits Jeanne. His jump shot is not perfect, but displays a good technique that could develop. Jeanne, like nobody would guess, is also an amazing shot blocker and defensive player. He protects the weak side defender with ease and can deny passing lanes with his long reach and positioning. Players have a tough time scoring on Jonathan Jeanne because of his length and shot blocking ability. Teams cannot rely on points in the paint against Jeanne because he alters shots, whether or not he gets a hand on the ball. His per 40 stats are unbelievable and has NBA teams that preach interior defense ranking him high on their draft boards.


Weaknesses: As a result of only weighing 200-210 lbs, teams have been questioning Jonathan Jeanne’s physicality. Teams wanting to draft Jeanne may have to wait a few years for him to develop an NBA physicality because of his frail frame. Jeanne will get bullied around in the paint at the NBA level if he does not bulk up. Another yellow flag with Jonathan Jeanne is that he always goes to block a shot, causing his hands to go down, drawing fouls. Teams want their center to be aggressive with shot blocking, especially when they have Jeanne’s height, but getting in foul trouble frequently will cause Jeanne to make adjustments to his shot blocking defense. Offensively, Jonathan Jeanne is very raw and does not really have a strategy at times. He does not always sit in the paint and settles for jumpers instead of easy dunks/layups. Jeane does not do an excellent job of drawing fouls and when he does, he struggles from the free throw line. A career 57% free throw percentage and mid 50% shooting percentage from the floor worries many NBA teams about his offensive ability. If Jeanne wants to become one of the best two way centers in the NBA, he must work on his jumper and offensive ability in the paint with his new coaches and trainers. With hs traits, Jonathan Jeanne should have no problem dunking the ball every time the ball is in his hands. All together, this willingness to settle for the jumper instead of being strong inside goes back to his lack of physicality. If Jeanne does not bulk up, his offensive game will suffer as a result.


Comparison: Thon Maker/Rudy Gobert

Jonathan Jeanne has a little bit of Thon Maker and Rudy Gobert in him coming into this year’s draft. Jeanne’s combine measurements are very similar to those of Rudy Gobert’s back in 2013. Jeanne measured 7’0 ¾” without shoes, 7’2” with shoes, a no stp vertical jump of 29”, and a max vertical of 31.5”. Rudy Gobert measured 7’0 ½” without shoes, 7’2” with them, a no step vertical of 25”, and a max vertical of 29”. Jeanne has a better vertical coming into the draft than what Rudy Gobert’s was, but Rudy Gobert was 30 lbs bulkier and has a 2 inch longer wingspan. Gobert had a more polished offensive game than Jeanne as well, but both are tremendous shot blockers and shot alterers on the defensive end. Thon Maker was 2 inches smaller than Jonathan Jeanne at last year’s combine, but his jump was far better than Jeanne’s. Thon Maker’s offensive game compares well to Jonathan Jeanne’s. In his first year in the league, Maker made an effort to become more physical, but was still bullied around in the paint. Although his shot is better than Jeanne’s, both share a similar struggle of becoming bigger and becoming accustomed to making a living in the paint. Jonathan Jeanne can easily become the next French sensation like Rudy Gobert did, but he must make adjustments at the next level and be patient as he develops.


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