CPP NBA Draft Player Breakdown: OG Anunoby

Leading up to the NBA Draft we will be analyzing scouting reports for various players who have entered their name in this year’s NBA Draft.  The focus of these articles will be on prospects who we find most intriguing and feel readers need to become more familiar with.  Please let us know if you want any players specifically @edupridepress.  All stats and videos are via KenPom, ESPN, DraftExpress, and YouTube.

OG Anunoby: Indiana

Height: 6’8″

Weight: 232

Age: Sophomore

Projected: 22 (DraftExpress) 20 (CPP Big Board) 18 (CPP Mock Draft)

Background: OG Anunoby is one of the mystery prospects of this draft class. Coming out of high school, Anunoby was a 3-star recruit that did not have any high major offers besides Indiana and Iowa. Anunoby was relatively quiet during his freshman campaign until the NCAA Tournament when he became a star with his lock down defense of Top 10 pick Jamal Murray. OG returned for his sophomore year but with much hype as a lottery pick and untapped potential. While Anunoby showed an improved offensive game at times, generally he did not get into a grove offensively before he suffered a season ending knee injury in early February. Not only is Anunoby still unproven as a player, but scouts and decision makers also have to take the risk of him recovering from a major knee surgery as well. He cannot play in the NBA Combine so the interview and measurements are the only activities he will participate in with scouts. Anunoby is still very young as a sophomore and has the potential to develop. The ceiling is the roof for Anunoby.

Strengths: Potential

Anunoby’s strength right now is his potential. He could develop to be considered one of the best players in this draft class. If his offensive game develops to a respectable level he will be extremely valuable. He has shown the ability to knock down three pointers, make post moves, rebound, and make drives to the basketball but these have only been brief flashes with very little consistency.

The reason OG will be drafted in the first round is because of his immediate defensive value. In a league where Andre Roberson is starting for the Thunder there is a need for top level defenders. OG can guard 1-4 on the court and even some centers in small ball situations. He can switch onto any defender and use his length and quickness to disrupt them and shut them down. If healthy, he can come into the NBA and provide instant value solely on his ability to effectively defend the opponents best wing player.

Weaknesses: Offense

The weaknesses of OG Anunoby are very apparent. His offensive game is just not ready for the prime time. Missing the second half of his sophomore season also deprives him of reps needed to continue his development. His lack of experience and offensive game make him an extremely risky pick. His defense could provide value but his offense can make him a liability if he cannot make shots or at least become a threat. The unknown of Anunoby makes him a tough player to rank and draft.

Comparison: A Mix Between Ron Artest and Metta World Peace

OG is an extremely tough player to project. He could become a superstar two way wing but the chances of that are not as likely as him becoming a valuable “3 and d” player. The comparison is humorous because Ron Artest and Metta World Peace are the same player but Artest added great defense and could knock down open jumpers. OG will never be a player asked to score but he can develop into someone that can knock down open jump shots. Another player that can be compared to OG is Michael Kidd-Gilchrist with stud defensive play and growing offensive repertoire.

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