CPP Top 100: #25 Aaron Holiday

Aaron Holiday


G 6’1 185


2016-2017 Stats: 12.3 Ppg, 4.4 Apg, 2.9 Rpg

Why They Are Here

After starting as a freshman, Aaron Holiday came off the bench his sophomore year as the sixth man on one of the most talented rotations in college basketball last year. This year, he comes in as a Pac-12 player of the year nominee after being the nation’s unofficial sixth man of the year last year. Aaron has a complete game, distribution, catch and shoot, off the dribble, and defense. Not only does he have elite talent but he will always out effort you.

Role on This Year’s Team

This is Aaron Holiday’s team now and he knows it. He will take over primary ball handling roles but with Jaylen Hands on campus he will play some off ball as well. One of the most important things Aaron is tasked with this year is making sure the team plays at the same pace and style they played with last year. Aaron will be the Bruins go to guy for scoring but not all the pressure will be on him because he has plenty of talent around him.

College Season/NBA Prospects

I personally picked Aaron Holiday to win PAC-12 player of the year because so many times you would watch UCLA and he would just make you say, “Man, imagine how dominant he would be if he was the go to guy, this kid is gonna be really good next year”. With two brothers, Jrue and Justin, already in the NBA, Aaron will definitely leave after this year. The only knock on him is his height but that’s starting to become less of a knock with the rise of IT. So, Aaron’s draft stock will be purely determined on the type of season he has this year.