Preview: Arizona vs Gonzaga

6-1 is the record the 19th ranked Arizona Wildcats are entering Spokane, Washington with before facing the 13th ranked Gonzaga Bulldogs this Saturday. The Wildcats are coming to this game after an 9 point victory against Boise State.

Things to watch are: Ryan Anderson’s ankles after rolling it a couple times during the Boise State game, how Arizona adjust the rotation without Ray Smith and Kaleb Tarczewski’s being able to play, and how many fouls the Wildcats give as they face off against a strong Zaga Offense. Ryan Anderson’s ankles being weak may cause him to give up some time on the court through out the game to not put extra stress on it.

Ray Smith is out for the rest of the season with a torn ACL and as Wildcat fans we hope Tarczewski will be back on the court with a healthy foot in 4-6 weeks. Last game the Wildcats gave up 20 fouls and 17 turnovers. The Cats will need to lower those numbers in both categories if they want to keep the Bulldogs close. Arizona will need veterans Gabe York and Mark Tollefsen to take the court in a strong effort to lead their team to a victory. After the game with Gonzaga, Arizona has five home games where they will look to capture five more wins.

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