Preview: #3 Texas A&M vs. #14 Green Bay

Texas A&M vs. Green Bay

March 18th, 7:20 EST



It shouldn’t be a surprise that No. 3 seeds rarely ever got knocked out by No. 14 seeds very early on. So it should be a safe assumption that the matchup between Texas A&M and Green Bay will be no different.


Even though Green Bay is the highest scoring team in the NCAA tournament this year averaging 84.2 PPG they have few notable wins along with no experience playing a top 25 team. Whereas the Aggies should be able to prove how well they can do in this tournament after playing one of the tougher conference schedules out there.


Why an upset isn’t possible:


With arguably one of the tougher conference schedules the Aggies came out on top with notable wins against a No. 14 Kentucky, a No. 10 Gonzaga and a No. 14 Iowa State. Senior Jalen Jones and senior Danuel House successfully provide the offensive play needed from their guard positions each averaging 15.5 PPG. When you add a solid defensive team that averages 12 turnovers per game it’s hard to argue against a success from the first round of tournament play.


At the end of the day the biggest question for the Aggies is going to depend on if they are able to hit their free throws. Getting those few extra points is going to be a major key when it comes to playing the highest scoring team to in the tournament. Regardless, this shouldn’t be expected to be a huge issue for Texas A&M as they average .673 percent from the free throw line in comparison to Green Bay’s .659 percent.


Why an upset might be possible:


Green Bay will be entering onto the floor of the Chesapeake Bay Arena with only one loss out of the past nine games that they’ve played. Confidence is going to have to be on their side going up against a much stronger seed and there’s no doubt after finishing off the season strong that they will have it. Even though they may have not had the conference schedule that the Aggies experienced, senior guard Carrington Love should be expected to come out in full force scoring a majority of the Phoenix’s points. Green Bay also tops Texas A&M with ten steals per game in comparison to A&M’s seven. All it takes is for a few points and a few seconds to be the deciding factor of which team will take the win that day.


The struggle for Green Bay is going to be competing and earning a win in a place other than their familiar court. Home court advantage is a huge component when it comes to the Phoenix overpowering another team.



Just like it was said in the opening statement: it is very rare for a No. 14 seed to over power a No. 3 seed. When it comes down to it Texas A&M is simply more prepared to not only compete against tough teams but to also win against tough teams. Unfortunately for Green Bay a couple of notable conference wins against Akron and Valparaiso isn’t going to cut it to move onto the second round.

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