Gators Dig Their Own Grave

Gainesville, FL– The last game played at the O-Dome, a special game for a special program in a season where the Gators needed a special performance.  Under first year head coach Mike White, the Gators have fallen to a 17-13 record, losing their last four including an embarrassing loss to Alabama at home.  No team since 2011 has reached the NCAA tournament with 14 losses, so the Gators mission seems clear, win the SEC tournament or go home.  This message is extremely disappointing given the how close the Gators were, beating #9 West Virginia and having a 17-9 record.

This could have been different had the Gators shown up to play on Tuesday, but the simply did not.  The only Gator who seemed determined to score was center John Egbunu, who scored 27 points in the contest.  Outside of his dominant presence in the paint, every offensive possession seemed like a dire struggle to find an open shot and then a miracle to make said open shot.  That statement might make it sound like Kentucky was playing great defense, but they were not by any means.  Florida shot 16-37 at the free throw line, and they only lost by 9 points.  If you lose by nine points and miss 21 free throws then I’m sorry but that is your own fault.

That theme seems to common with the Gators this year, it is their fault.  Nobody has come to Gainesville and completely manhandled the Gators, they controlled their own destiny and won some games, and completely blew other games.  Who is to blame?  Could it be the players, a lack of talent?  I do not think so, the Gators showed in stretches this year just how talented and athletic they are.  Consistency has been a weakness and I think that falls onto the coaching staff.  A season that ended up better then some had predicted, but we saw how good they could be and that is what has let down the Gator fans more then anything.


Tyler Murtha


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