Noah Holley Bracketology: Best Resume In Each Power 6 Conference

As the 2016-17 season turns to conference play, let’s have a look at the top NCAA Tournament resumes in each conference up to this point:



Louisville (11-2)

  • Best win: vs Kentucky
  • Worst loss: None
  • Non-Conference SOS: 14
  • RPI: 11
  • vs. RPI 1-25: 1-0
  • vs. RPI 100-351: 7-0

As of now, Louisville sits on the 3- or 4-seed line.  Imagine where they would be if they hadn’t lost that huge lead on Baylor (no. 5 in ESPN RPI) or completed that comeback vs Virginia (no. 7).  Anyway, they have a signature win in Kentucky and will have plenty of chances for more down the road in the potential double-digit bid ACC.

Big 12:

Baylor (11-0)

  • Best win: vs Louisville
  • Worst loss: None
  • Non-Conference SOS: 49
  • RPI: 5
  • vs. RPI 1-25: 3-0
  • vs. RPI 100-351: 5-0

Early on, it appeared as if the Bears were building one of the best non-conference resumes in recent memories.  Michigan State’s fall from grace pretty much ended the chances of that, but Baylor still heads into league play in as good of a position as anybody, Tourney-wise.  If they can avoid upsets in the typically booby-trapped Big 12, they will be in the one-seed conversation throughout the winter.

Big East:

Creighton (13-0)

  • Best wins: vs Wisconsin
  • Worst loss: None
  • Non-Conference SOS: 70
  • RPI: 3
  • vs. RPI 1-25: 1-0
  • vs. RPI 100-351: 6-0

In ESPN’s RPI, the Big East places 3 in the top 4 (Villanova, Creighton, Xavier.)  It would be easy to say Villanova, who holds the no. 1 rating, but I’ll go with Creighton and their convincing wins over Wisconsin, (who’s better than their no. 45 RPI) Seton Hall, Ole Miss and NC State.  No true eye-popper (a win over Villanova tomorrow would shore that up real quick) but they’ve been as good as anybody in the country so far.

Big Ten:

Purdue (12-2)

  • Best win: vs Notre Dame
  • Worst loss: None
  • Non-Conference SOS: 156
  • RPI: 44
  • vs. RPI 1-25: 0-2
  • vs. RPI 100-351: 9-0

Despite the Big Ten being widely considered as a top-two conference, it failed to make any sort of statement in non-conference play.  Only two teams recorded victories vs ESPN RPI Top 25 opponents (Northwestern and Indiana).  This decision came down to whether I’m taking a team that played top-level competition and but failed to record a win against it or a team that didn’t really play anyone but took care of business.  I ended up deciding on the former in Purdue, who couldn’t get it done against Louisville and Villanova but beat everybody else.  There’s still a ton of work left to do for the Boilermakers and pretty much everybody in the Big Ten, who as of now have no one checking in higher than a 4 seed in my current bracket projections.

Pac 12:

UCLA (13-1)

  • Best win: vs Kentucky
  • Worst loss: None
  • Non-Conference SOS: 176
  • RPI: 21
  • vs. RPI 1-25: 1-0
  • vs. RPI 100-351: 8-0

We could go ahead and judge a resume comparison of UCLA and Oregon by the outcome of Wednesday night’s game, but that’s not really how bracketology works.  If we’re putting the margin of victory into play, November really hurt Oregon.  Even if we don’t, the extra loss to an average team like Georgetown is something that UCLA doesn’t have, making this a fairly easy choice.


Kentucky (11-2)

  • Best win: vs North Carolina
  • Worst loss: None
  • Non-Conference SOS: 10
  • RPI: 6
  • vs. RPI 1-25: 1-0
  • vs. RPI 100-351: 6-0

Florida stands higher on the RPI rankings, but that’s only because of their top-ranked schedule.  (You can never really trust ratings systems such as that so early.)  Kentucky’s victory over North Carolina gives them the best resume in the depleted SEC.


Gonzaga (13-0)

  • Best win: vs Arizona
  • Worst loss: None
  • Non-Conference SOS: 51
  • RPI: 10
  • vs. RPI 1-25: 1-0
  • vs. RPI 100-351: 8-0

I hate to fit all the other college conferences into one category like this, but I couldn’t just ignore Gonzaga, who looks like a serious championship contender.  Once again, Gonzaga loaded their non-conference schedule with Power 6 opponents, and took care of business against every single one of them, the highlights being victories over Florida, Arizona and Iowa State.


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