CPP Top 100: #77 Giddy Potts

Leading up to the season we are doing a countdown of the Top 100 players in college basketball. These rankings are based on a poll made up of 14 CPP writers. These writers span from UCLA to Seton Hall so there is very little bias. Each day we will release the latest player on our ranking with a small write-up. Be sure to check out the rest of the Top 100 articles!


Giddy Potts #77

Middle Tennessee

SG 6’2


2016-2017 Stats (Junior): 15.3 Points, 2 Assists, and 5.3 Rebounds per game.


Why They Are Here

Giddy Potts comes in at #77 because of his ability to take over a game in a matter of plays. He has been the X Factor for Middle Tennessee in his three years with them, but his senior year may be the toughest year for him. Giddy will need to keep his momentum and use his versatility to continue to improve as a player and overall help out his inexperienced team in winning the Conference USA again.


Role on the Team

As mentioned above, this may the toughest year for Potts. He lost his two core seniors JaCorey Williams, and fan favorite, from when Middle Tennessee upset Michigan State, Mr. Reggie Upshaw. The Blue Raiders have been dominant with these three players at the helm, but Giddy will have to run this team on his own. He will grow into a leader and into a dynamite scorer throughout the year. Those two things along with his defensive ability will set him up to succeed on his path to the next level.


College Season/NBA Prospects

Potts will have to battle to find his way into the NBA, but I believe him being a lone wolf on his college team will allow him to boost his stats to set him in a good spot going into the NBA draft. I see him either being drafted or trying out and making a team in the NBA and possibly growing into fantastic player. Giddy has many assets and will prove that he can function alone and make it into the NBA.


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