Jonathon Warriner’s Bracketology: 19 days until Selection Sunday

East Region (New York City) 1.Villanova (Buffalo) 16.Bucknell 8.Northwestern 9.Virginia Tech 4.West Virginia (Buffalo) 13.Vermont 5.Notre Dame 12.Akron 3.Kentucky (Indianapolis) 14.Princeton 6.Wisconsin 11.Wichita State 2.Louisville (Indianapolis) 15.Furman 7.USC 10.Middle Tennessee South Region (Memphis) 1.North Carolina (Greenville) 16.North Carolina Central 8.Iowa State 9.Dayton 4.Butler (Milwaukee) 13.Monmouth 5.Cincinnati 12.California 3.UCLA (Salt Lake City) 14.North Dakota State 6.St. Mary’s 11.Michigan/ Illinois State 2.Baylor (Tulsa) 15.Florida Gulf Coast 7.South Carolina 10.Georgia Tech Midwest Region (Kansas City) 1.Kansas (Tulsa) 16.Mount St. Mary’s/ New Orleans 8.Miami 9.Arkansas 4.Purdue (Milwaukee) 13.Valparaiso 5.Creighton 12.Nevada 3.Duke (Greenville) 14.UNC Asheville 6.Maryland 11.UNC

Bracketology Preview: SEC Predictions

After a short weekend break to watch some crazy college basketball, Day 4 of my Bracketology Previews has begun! Today, we will take an in-depth look at the SEC and some teams that are possibly being overlooked by those across the country! The SEC does not usually get a lot

Noah Holley Bracketology: February 14th, 2017

Based on games played through February 13th. Past projections: January 11 January 19 January 23 January 30 February 7 EAST Sites: Buffalo, Greenville, Orlando, Salt Lake City 1 Villanova vs 16 NC Central/Mount St. Mary's 8 Virginia Tech vs 9 Oklahoma State 5 Purdue vs 12 UNC-Wilmington 4 Duke vs 13 Texas-Arlington 6 Notre Dame vs 11 Michigan

Noah Holley Bracketology: February 6th, 2017

Past editions: January 11 January 19 January 23 January 30 (*denotes automatic bid) EAST Sites: Buffalo, Milwaukee, Salt Lake City, Orlando 1 Villanova* vs 16 NC Central*/Mount St. Mary's* 8 Virginia Tech vs 9 Iowa State 5 Wisconsin* vs 12 Akron* 4 West Virginia vs 13 Belmont* 6 South Carolina vs 11 Indiana/Texas Tech 3 Arizona vs 14 Arkansas

Jonathon Warriner’s Bracketology: 1-31-17

South Region (Memphis) 1.Baylor (Tulsa) 16.Mount St. Mary’s/ Morgan State 8.Dayton 9.Georgia Tech 4.Cincinnati (Milwaukee) 13.Akron 5.Duke 12.Illinois State 3.Kentucky (Indianapolis) 14.Belmont 6.Northwestern 11.Middle Tennessee 2.Louisville (Indianapolis) 15.Princeton 7.SMU 10.Indiana West Region (San Jose) 1.Gonzaga (Sacramento) 16.Texas Southern/ UC Davis 8.Virginia Tech 9.Oklahoma State 4.Butler (Salt Lake City) 13.New Mexico State 5.UCLA 12.Nevada 3.Wisconsin (Milwaukee) 14.Vermont 6.Creighton 11.Clemson 2.Arizona (Salt Lake City) 15.Weber State 7.Notre Dame 10.Arkansas East Region (New York City) 1.Villanova (Buffalo) 16.Bucknell 8.Miami 9.Minnesota 4.West Virginia (Buffalo) 13.Monmouth 5.St. Mary’s 12.Valparaiso 3.Oregon (Sacramento) 14.North Dakota State 6.Purdue 11.Kansas State/ Wichita State 2.North