Mail Time: December 12th

Overreactions are probably both the best and worst part about college basketball. A week and a half ago, everyone was questioning how good Arizona actually was. I’ll settle that for you right now: they’re really good. It was an unprecedented skid for a Sean Miller-coached ‘Zona team, but look where

Mail Time: March 7th

Wow, this is the last mailbag of the season. This is kind of emotional. It’s kind of like my senior day (except I’m coming back next year, don’t worry). We also got a new logo, just in time for the end. But it’s awesome! Anyways, I just want to say,

Mail Time: February 28th

My favorite part of the last week of the regular season is not the best rivalries. It is not the regular season conference title races. It is not bubble teams scrapping out wins to save their season. It’s senior day. Every school has one at some point this week. It’s

Mailbag: February 21st

Can you feel it? March Madness is inching closer by the day. There’s less than a month now until we tip it off for the greatest sporting event in the world (no, the Olympics don’t count, they don’t happen every year). I truly hope your team does well, but really,

Mail Time: February 14th

I’m writing this on the tail end of the Press Virginia-Kansas game. Bob Huggins is not going to be happy after this. Turns out Press Virginia can’t handle a press! Ironic! Front to back, though, this has been one of the best games of the year. Two very dangerous teams

Mail Time: February 7th

What is going on recently? Top 25 teams over the last couple of weeks have been anything but safe, with nine ranked teams falling this weekend alone. It’s been fun, though. Last year, the whole concept of “parity” really dominated the landscape of college hoops, from beginning to end of

Mail Time: January 31st

What a week. After the past seven days of hoops, I’m ready for March, I’m sure you are as well. That was nuts. 15 of the top 25 teams in the country were handed a shocking L, some of them two. Naturally, we got a big shake-up in the rankings.

Mail Time: January 24th

The last week was full of upsetting injuries across the country. Maurice Watson, Jr. went down for the year for Creighton with a torn ACL, and OG Anunoby is about to undergo surgery on his knee that will keep him out for the year as well. Dillon Brooks sprained his

Mail Time: January 17th

What a great week of college hoops. Lots of ranked match-ups, including a Press Virginia throttling of Baylor. I hope they enjoyed their time as Number 1! We're starting to figure out the dividing line between the top teams in the country, and the scrum of teams who will fight

Mail Time: January 10th

Not a lot of basketball was played between my last column and now, as the mailbag day was now moved to Tuesday, but there was basketball nonetheless. It also felt like kind of a boring week. No one got upset on Saturday, and Purdue beating Wisconsin in West Lafayette is

Mail Time: January 5th

The first week of conference play has been so exciting. Maybe this is a bit of recency bias, but this has been one of the most fun weeks I can remember in the last few seasons. There’s a lot going on in the world of college hoops, so instead of

2016 ACC vs. Big Ten Challenge Preview

Every year, the ACC is put up against the Big Ten for bragging rights as the better basketball conference. Although the ACC had dominated prior to the Big Ten's first win in 2009 (after 10 ACC wins to start the Challenge), the Big Ten has now either tied or won