College Pride Press Top 25 – Week 14

Rankings and Records are as of Monday, February 6th.      On Saturday, February 4th, 2017, six teams ranked in the top ten of the AP poll lost. Three of them, all from the Big 12, lost at home. If that doesn’t scream chaos, then nothing does. As we enter February, contenders, like

College Pride Press Top 25 – Week 13

Well, that sure was an exciting week! We had everything, from premiere conference battles (WVU/KU, UVA/ND), to a heated rivalry (Cincy/Xavier), to one of the top non-conference games you’ll ever see in late January (KU/UK). The weekend was also marked by the Big 12/SEC Challenge, which ended in a 5-5

College Pride Press Top 25 – Week 12

For once, the attention seems to be on the western side of the country, as people paying attention to the undefeated run the Gonzaga Bulldogs are putting together, and the three top ten teams in the Pacific 12 Conference. All eyes were on Arizona-UCLA last Saturday, with the return of

College Pride Press Top 25 – Week 11

Happy Martin Luther King Day to all! On this day, it is important to remember the sacrifices made during the Civil Rights Movement, and to acknowledge this country’s checkered past so that we can continue moving forward. Of course, many college basketball fans know the incredible story of the 1965-66

College Pride Press Top 25 – Week 10

  It happened: the number one team in the nation finally lost. After posting a 38-3 record in the calendar year of 2016, and starting the current season 14-0, the Villanova Wildcats were undone by poor perimeter shooting and a little bit of magic from historic Hinkle Fieldhouse. The win immediately

College Pride Press Top 25 – Week 9

Well, that didn’t take long. One week into conference play, and chaos has made its presence known. Both UNC and Duke lost to unranked teams (although Virginia Tech will certainly be ranked this week. The same cannot be said for Tar Heel beater Georgia Tech). Indiana suffered two losses; one

College Pride Press Top 25: Week 8

  It was a slow week in college basketball last week, resulting in little movement between the teams ranked in our top 25. However, Louisville’s home victory over Kentucky provided an early Christmas present for fans of the Cardinals. South Carolina, due to their loss against Seton Hall, tumbled out of

College Pride Press Top 25 – Week 7

    In a slow week, Saturday reminded college basketball fans of the reason they stick with the sport through the lulls in the schedule. The Crossroads classic provided a pair of high-profile matches, and resulted in games that were entertaining from start to finish. On top of this, the CBS Sports

College Pride Press Top 25 – Week 6

Unfortunately, this is something of a dead period in the college basketball world. While there will be some good games, such as last week's contest between Notre Dame and Villanova, much of the time from this past week and this coming week is committed to the worst enemy of the

College Pride Press Top 25 – Week 5

      It was another tumultuous week, and if you’re a fan of Kentucky or North Carolina, a sobering experience. The top two squads in last week’s poll both lost, falling to no. 6 and no. 7, respectively. Coming into the season, no freshman was more enigmatic that Lonzo Ball; the lanky

College Pride Press Top 25 – Week 4

    Thanksgiving may be over, but the appetizing matchups of non-conference play will continue to deliver excitement this week. The headlining event is of course the ACC-Big 10 Challenge, which will pit several ranked teams against each other. There are also a few other noteworthy games, as Atlantis darlings Baylor will

College Pride Press Top 25 – Week 3

Already this past weekend, the excitement brought by early-season tournaments has struck the college basketball landscape. Duke righted the ship after falling to Kansas earlier in the season, claiming victory in the Hall of Fame Tip-Off over an upstart Rhode Island Rams squad. The Blue Devils triumphed despite injuries to

College Pride Press Preseason Top 25

Here at College Pride Press, we value not just the individual familiarity each writer has with their specific school, but the vast wealth of national knowledge that is also present. Using this understanding of the country's entire college basketball landscape, we have constructed our own preseason poll, based upon the

Top 25 Poll

Now that we officially know who is coming back to school and who is turning pro we have a better perspective on how the top teams in college basketball will look next year. We polled over 20 writers on their top 25 for next year and here are the results.

Ryan Dahlkamp’s Top 25

Indiana student Ryan Dahlkamp entered his ranking into our Way Too Early Top 25 poll. Here is his ranking. We will update the rankings after the May 25 NBA draft deadline. 1.Kentucky 2. Duke 3. Michigan State 4. Villanova 5. Oregon 6. Indiana 7. Wisconsin 8. Kansas 9. Arizona 10. Louisville 11. Virginia 12. Miami 13. Syracuse 14. UConn 15. Xavier 16. UCLA 17. West Virginia 18. Texas

Adam Gross’s Early Top 25

Purdue writer Adam Gross submitted his rankings for our Way Too Early Top 25 poll. We will be releasing each writers rankings as we go throughout the next couple weeks. 1.Kentucky 2.Duke 3.UNC 4.Michigan State 5.Kansas 6.Arizona 7.Virginia 8. Oregon 9.Villanova 10. Louisville 11. Miami 12. Indiana 13. Syracuse 14. UCLA 15. Xavier 16. UConn 17. Purdue 18. Wisconsin 19. Seton Hall 20. West Virginia 21. Mississippi State 22. Gonzaga 23. Florida