March Preview: FGCU Eagles


Florida Gulf Coast shocked the world when they made their first ever tournament in 2013 and beat a strong Georgetown team with their entertaining style of play that earned them the title of ‘Dunk City’. The Eagles are back after winning their third ASUN championship in five years and looking to dance, this time, all the way to the championship.




Because of FGCU’s smash mouth get-to-the-rim style of play, they shoot at a very high percentage. They rank 12th in the country in shooting percentage and make nearly 49% of their shot attempts. Whoever they play better be able to stop their high powered offence.


Being ‘Dunk City’ in itself is a great advantage in itself. By getting to the rim and throwing it down, teams can benefit themselves in multiple fundamental ways. For one, a big time dunk will get tournament neutral site fans pumped up and will build momentum for FGCU. Getting to the rim also increases opportunities for free throws and can get opposing big men into major foul trouble. Look for the Eagles to keep up the high flying antics.




While FGCU may get to the line more, over the season they have struggled from the line. The Eagles rank just 200th overall in team free throw percentage. This could hurt them big time, especially if matched up with a team that is clutch from the stripe.


While they are strong finishing inside, from beyond the arc, FGCU is not exactly amazing. They shoot just 33% from deep on the season, ranking 227th in the nation. If they are matched up with a team that has dominant interior defense, the Eagles aren’t likely to win it from long range.


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