March Preview: UNC Wilmington Seahawks


The Seahawks have made the tournament back to back years now. Last year they lost to a tough Duke team in the first round. Will this year be a different story?




UNC Wilmington is a versatile team when it comes to scoring the basketball. They have four players averaging over 12 points per game (three perimeter players and one post). Any one of them can lead the Seahawks on any given night, which can be a problem for teams who gameplan to stop single players.


The Seahawks are also a solid rebounding team. Their top two scoring guards also average nearly six rebounds per game a piece. Big man Devontae Cacok averages nearly ten boards a game by himself. As a team they rank 57th in the country for offensive rebounds per game which can give them a boost over any opponent.




At times, poor free throw shooting has been a problem for UNC Wilmington. In their loss against Clemson they shot just 60% from the line. In their loss against William and Mary they shot just 61%. In their one point loss against Elon, the Seahawks only took two free throws, and missed both of them. They rank just 206th in free throw percentage. This could definitely be a deciding factor in a close game.


Defensively the Seahawks have struggled to contain their opponents. In 17 games this season they have given up over 75 points. Due to their high scoring offense, they have won most of those games, but against big time opponents, offense won’t always be there to save the Seahawks’ skins. UNC Wilmington could be sent home from the dance early if their offense is stopped.


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