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College Pride Press is a completely student ran website. All of our content is written by college students. If you are a college student looking to pad your resume and improve your writing skills then CPP could be for you. You can gain some very valuable experience writing about something that you love...College Basketball! We are always open to covering additional schools so feel free to fill out our application even if we don't already cover your school. College Pride Press is always looking to add content and provide a great experience for students to build on. We have 85 students at this time and 2 of them have already used College Pride Press as a spring board to a position at Big Ten Network. The commitment of an intern varies for each intern. We have a flexible schedule to work around any commitments you have. WE SHUT DOWN THE CONTENT DURING DEAD WEEK AND EXAM WEEK! Most schools have one or two students divide up and games and provide post game analysis for every game. Some interns cover all them games themselves. Our goal is to provide coverage for every single game to give our viewers a consistent flow of content. These writers all participate in our offseason article series' which is one article for 3-4 months in the offseason (divided up to be 1-2 articles from April until November). In addition to our game by game analysts, we also have a core of writers that focus on college basketball as a general landscape. We implemented some weekly general articles last year and they were a huge success. Our general writers will write an article once a week or every other week (writers preference) on college basketball as a whole. (See our Winners and Losers articles as an example). We also have two other minor aspects of the site that our writers participate in. We complete an NBA mock draft once a month where interns rotate being the GM of an NBA team and making their selection for them. This is a fun exercise that we invite any writers with NBA knowledge to join in. Our latest growing aspect of the site is the podcast. College Pride Press podcast is similar style to ESPN's around the horn but with all interns. The podcast is fun but has some great analysis. Participation in the podcast is completely voluntary but is extremely fun and a great experience.

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